How you'll be reminded to get your COVID booster

Federal health authorities will soon begin a messaging campaign to encourage people to get their booster shot.

Brain health

The early life dementia indicator you may have missed

There may be a link between depression in early adulthood and your risk of developing dementia in later life, a study finds.

Mental Health

What happens when alcohol and anxiety mix

This is what happens to your brain when you drink to calm anxious thoughts.


A weight loss solution that helps men lose weight – and keep it off

The Pilot Metabolic Reset Program is a weight loss solution that helps men lose weight – and keep it off.

Health News

High blood pressure can double your risk of epilepsy, study finds

New research finds link between high blood pressure and an increased risk of epilepsy in older people.


Everything you need to know about flavonoids

Everything you need to know about flavonoids and how to include all six types in your diet.


Vaccine manufacturers divided on effectiveness against Omicron

South African virologists are furiously working to test the effectiveness of the current vaccines against the Omicron variant.


A handy guide to ensure you don't eat too much

A healthy balanced diet isn't just about what you eat, it's about portion size too – and it can be surprisingly easy to consume too much.

Health news

We're champions – but is it a title we want?

Aussies are world-beaters in study of 22 countries, but a quarter are consumed by regret.


Allowing Omicron into Australia not yet an option for over-65s

Allowing Omicron into the community isn't a viable option just yet, says Australia's chief medical officer, especially not until we know the effects on older people.


What to do if you're struggling with a sleep routine

A study finds sleeping too late (or early) is linked with higher rates of heart disease, so Abi Jackson asks experts for reset tips that really help.

Health & Ageing

The facts about belly fat

You might think it's cuddly, your GP would have another view.

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