Health news

Here's the science on three traditional sleep remedies

Sleep is essential for good health. Poor sleep quality, or not enough sleep, can negatively affect our mood, cognitive function, and immune system.

Health news

Excess coffee consumption increases the risk of heart disease

Long-term, heavy coffee consumption - six or more cups a day - can increase the amount of lipids (fats) in your blood to significantly heighten your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Alternative Therapies

Nine ways to get (almost) instant relief from headaches

Got a headache but don’t want to down a handful of paracetamol or ibuprofen? These tips will give you fast relief.


Vaccine passports on trial by Air New Zealand could enable air travel

Vaccine passports, being tested by Air New Zealand on flights to Sydney in April, could help enable the return of some international air travel to Australia later in 2021.


Why we need to stop buying 'lower-fat' foods

For years, low-fat food products were considered the better choice, but are they as good for us as we originally thought?

Health news

New skeletal age calculator helps fight osteoporosis

The Garvan Institute has created a skeletal age calculator to help in the fight against bone density loss, fractures and osteoporosis.


10 myths about diets and how they affect your teeth

The keto diet is indeed a trend. So is intermittent fasting. But how do these and other famous diets influence our teeth? DentaVox research platform…


Can I choose what vaccine I get? What if I have allergies?

What questions about the vaccine rollout would you like to have answered? If you enjoy our content, don’t keep it to yourself. Share our free…


Is it okay to take out-of-date medication?

Out-of-date medicines and pills can probably be found lingering at the back of cabinets and drawers in many households. But can medication that’s passed its…


Symptoms of shingles beyond the rash

This painful rash is caused by the varicella zoster virus that also causes chickenpox. If you have ever had or been exposed to chickenpox, it’s…


How to … sharpen your memory at any age

It's never too late to improve and sharpen your memory. It's easier than you think.


In Florence’s footsteps – the women who are lighting up lives

YourLifeChoices’ 91-year-old columnist Peter Leith used to tell us he was ‘half deaf and half blind’ but he has now passed beyond the ‘half’ mark.…

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