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Expert says COVID likely to stymie family gatherings this Christmas

Professor urges states to adopt US and Canadian models and use rapid antigen COVID tests, which produce results in 10 to 15 minutes.


States slam federal government's unfair distribution of vaccines

Victorian Premier Dan Andrews and Queensland Deputy Premier Steven Miles have slammed the federal government for giving NSW too many vaccines.


PM accused of 'appalling judgement' over Sydney lockdown visit

Bill Shorten has accused the Prime Minister of "appalling judgement" for travelling to Sydney over the weekend, despite lockdowns across NSW and the ACT. 

Health News

Revolutionary procedure could do away with knee replacements

Research demonstrates that cartilage grafts can help repair damaged knees, eliminating the need for painful and costly knee replacements.


Health experts issue a strong warning against mixing vaccines

Older Australians who have received an AstraZeneca vaccination are putting off getting their second jab in favour of waiting for more doses of the Pfizer vaccine.

Health Checks

Risk of developing inherited conditions decreases with age, study says

Research shows that our risk of developing genetic conditions inherited from our parents decreases with age.


Can you access Medicare benefits when returning from overseas?

Adrian is planning to visit Australia and wants to know how long he has to stay to qualify for Medicare benefits.

Health & Ageing

Caring for my husband - what I didn't expect

When her husband developed dementia and needed a full-time carer, Lorraine Anderson stepped into the role. She tells what she has learnt.

Health Checks

How and why all men should work on their flexibility

Trainer Shona Vertue says integrating stretching into your everyday routine can make a big difference to mobility.


Flight modelling could inform decision on international travel

Australian scientists have modelled a way to determine how many cases of COVID-19 could be travelling on any international flight.


Will we need COVID booster jabs?

There's a lot of talk about COVID booster jabs, but what does it all mean?

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