How to spot vein and artery problems

There are a number of complications that can occur within your arteries or veins, potentially preventing your organs or limbs from receiving oxygen, essential nutrients and immune support.


Stark warning of flu’s effect on the heart

Heart Foundation alerts all Australians that they are six times more likely to have a heart attack the week after a bout of influenza.

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Device can cut risks in common medical procedure

A new medical device to reduce the risk of complications following a common procedure to unblock clogged arteries is being developed by Monash University researchers.


DASH diet can lower heart failure risk

New research has found that people under 75 can reduce their risk of heart failure by adhering to the DASH diet.


Research reveals how to cut your risk of a heart attack

Research has found the key to a reduced incidence of heart attack, stroke, diabetes and other chronic diseases. And the findings will form the basis for WHO guidelines.

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Low-dose aspirin medicine doing older Australians harm

Older people taking daily low-dose aspirin to avoid heart attack or stroke or even to prolong life may be doing themselves harm, says new study.

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Location of wrinkles linked to deaths from heart problems

Are wrinkles just an inevitable consequence of ageing, or could they signal something more sinister?


Heart attack symptoms you should never ignore

When every minute counts, it’s important to know the signs of a heart attack so you can act quickly. Would you recognise all these symptoms?

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Common sleep issue linked to 99 per cent jump in heart attacks

A new study has revealed a common sleep issue that raises your risk of heart attack by 99 per cent and stroke by 37 per cent.

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Heart attack patients told to discuss sex

More than eight in 10 Australian health professionals believe it is important to talk to heart attack survivors about sexual activity and intimacy, yet fewer than one in four do so regularly.


Unexpected heart attack triggers

Heart attack risk factors, such as obesity and smoking may be common knowledge, but there are other little known factors that can put your heart at risk.

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This common fruit helps prevent heart attacks and stroke

Eating one of these two fruits per day can decrease the risk of heart attack and stroke, according to new research.

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