Five-minute breathing exercise better for heart than a workout: study

A five-minute breathing exercise has been found to benefit your heart health as much as a 30-minute workout.

Health news

Emerging treatment helps reverse heart failure in some patients

A new study reveals that an emerging heart failure treatment could reverse structural damage to the heart and may even help it heal over time.


What’s you excuse for not following this diet?

Dr Catherine Itsiopoulos makes a compelling case as to why we should all follow this diet.

Weight Loss

Fatter legs linked to reduce risk of high blood pressure

Have you been blasting your thighs in an attempt to get the perfect set of ‘pins’ for summer? If you have fat legs, it turns out it might not be such a bad thing.


Research proves these often reviled vegies are great for the heart

Research from Edith Cowan University proves the health benefits of once despised, now fashionable, cruciferous vegetables broccoli and Brussels sprouts.

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Coffee three times a day could prevent clogged arteries

Coffee lovers who drink more than three cups a day may lower their risk of clogged arteries, study finds.

Health Checks

What you need to know if you have a family history of heart disease

Family history can be very relevant, but many factors contribute to heart disease, say medical experts.

Your Health

Five ways to lower your risk of high cholesterol

Incorporate these five heart-healthy habits into your lifestyle to lower your risk of high cholesterol.


Five hearty eating tips for home isolation

Australians should be more wary than ever of unhealthy eating habits, the Heart Foundation warns, expressing concern that many people will be tempted to neglect healthy eating habits as they self-isolate from COVID-19.


Steppin’ out: Do you really know the health benefits of walking?

Walking offers health benefits to people of all ages and fitness levels. And best of all, it’s free and not difficult to fit into your daily routine, especially with Apia’s Steppin Out Walking Groups.

Health news

Scientists may have found a way to keep your heart young

Scientists may have found a way to reverse the clock on ageing heart muscles, with research on fruit flies potentially leading to new therapies for older people with heart disease.


Researchers discover seven signs that predict heart disease

Seven key measures of heart health may help predict future risk of cardiovascular disease, according to researchers.

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