Health news

Could coffee prevent clogged arteries?

Coffee lovers who drink more than three cups a day may lower their risk of clogged arteries, study finds.

Health Checks

Family history of heart disease?

Family history can be very relevant, but many factors contribute to heart disease, say medical experts.

Your Health

Lower your risk of high cholesterol

Incorporate these five heart-healthy habits into your lifestyle to lower your risk of high cholesterol.


Heart healthy isolation cooking tips

Australians should be more wary than ever of unhealthy eating habits, the Heart Foundation warns, expressing concern that many people will be tempted to neglect healthy eating habits as they self-isolate from COVID-19.


Why you’d better start walking

Walking offers health benefits to people of all ages and fitness levels. And best of all, it’s free and not difficult to fit into your daily routine, especially with Apia’s Steppin Out Walking Groups.

Health news

Researchers reverse ageing hearts

Scientists may have found a way to reverse the clock on ageing heart muscles, with research on fruit flies potentially leading to new therapies for older people with heart disease.


Signs that point to heart disease

Seven key measures of heart health may help predict future risk of cardiovascular disease, according to researchers.


Are fish oil claims a bit fishy?

Despite new findings, the jury is still out on whether omega-3 supplements reduce heart attacks.


Do you have heart risk factors?

New Heart Foundation data reveals more than two-thirds of Australian adults have at least three risk factors for heart disease.


Drinking habit could shorten life

Regularly drinking more alcohol than the recommended amount could take years off your life, according to new research from the University of Cambridge.


Unexpected heart attack triggers

Heart attack risk factors, such as obesity and smoking may be common knowledge, but there are other little known factors that can put your heart at risk.


Five health signs not to ignore

While a few of these signs and symptoms may be obviously serious, some people just simply wait too long before they address them. So before it’s a little too late, have them checked out.

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