How animal fat got such a bad rap and what research tells us now

Fat gives food flavour, fills us up and is essential for health, with most advice now suggesting that a third of our calories come from fat. But which is best?


Study shows more symptoms long after COVID patients 'recover'

The latest long COVID complication causes dizziness, palpitations, headaches, fatigue and blurred vision.


Why your feet swell and what you can do about it

There are a wide number of causes for swollen or puffy feet, some more serious than others. It's important to know when to call the doctor.


Nine food and heart health myths busted

Should you cook with butter or olive oil? Is that drink of red wine protecting your heart? Pink Himalayan salt is healthy, right? There are plenty of food myths…

Health news

Hope on heart disease after drug breakthrough

A potential drug candidate for common, deadly heart disease is ready to move to a clinical trial after successful research by the Gladstone Institutes.

Health news

High blood pressure before the age of 50 is dangerous later in life

University research has found that higher than normal blood pressure before the age of 50 is linked to more extensive brain damage in later life.


Ban these fats to save lives and money, say experts

Removing trans fats from the Australian diet could save 2000 lives and $8 million per year, says the George Institute for Global Health.


Do fish oil supplements lower the risk of heart issues?

The debate over the effectiveness of fish oil supplements flares again with another study concluding they have no effect in protecting people against heart issues.


Discussing heart health with Dr Catherine Itsiopoulos

Every day nearly 50 Australians die from heart disease. That’s right – almost 50!

Health news

Daylight saving linked to heart attack

A study has found that the rate of heart attacks increases by 24 per cent on the Monday following daylight savings switches.

Your Health

What your heart rate says about you

Understanding your heart rate is an important tool in monitoring your health, fitness and even detecting some medical conditions.


How to spot vein and artery problems

There are a number of complications that can occur within your arteries or veins, potentially preventing your organs or limbs from receiving oxygen, essential nutrients and immune support.

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