Packing tricks for simpler travel

Make packing your suitcase for your next holiday a breeze. These travel packing tricks will have you packing lighter and smarter.

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Most common travel mistakes and how to avoid them

Whether you’re new to travel or a seasoned pro, here are some common travel mistakes you may not realise you’re making – and how to avoid them.


15 quick and dirty tips you really should know

Maybe you planned a whirlwind overseas trip or just booked a weekend getaway. Here are 15 last-minute things you should do before locking your front door.


How travelling with kids actually makes your trip better

We know there’s a lot to dissuade you from travelling with kids but there’s a world of benefits, too. Here are some reasons you should travel with a youngster on your next trip.


Alone for Christmas

Not everyone has family and friends with whom to share the holiday season, sometimes through choice, sometimes not. However, there are plenty of things you can do to keep yourself busy.


Which countries require travel vaccinations?

Your holiday is the last place you want to get sick. Vaccinations are essential to preventing dangerous diseases. So which countries require vaccinations?


Learn how to bargain like a pro on holiday

Depending on where you travel, haggling is a customary (and expected) part of a country’s culture. In order to save yourself some dosh, here are some tips for bargaining like a pro on holiday.


Five mistakes you’re making on holiday

From failing to plan your trip properly, travelling at the wrong time and applying for a passport too late, we help you avoid five common mistakes that most travellers make.


Why you should always say ‘yes’ on holiday

Opportunities rarely come from saying ‘no’. Sometimes being out of your comfort zone, as often happens on holiday, is the best time to throw caution to the wind.


Nine ideal overseas spring getaways

Looking to visit somewhere different this spring? These historical, cultural or coastal destinations might be just the ticket.


A crowdfunding site to help you pay for your dream holiday? It’s real…

Do you want to tick a box on your travel bucket list but don’t have the money to do it? Why not try crowdfunding your dream holiday? Yep, you read that right. Here’s how to do it.

The Royal Treatment – Live the fantasy

One thing you can say about APT is that it certainly knows how to deliver the royal treatment to its guests. APT is the only…

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