Common vacuum problems and how to fix them yourself

Not every vacuum issue means you need to trade it in for a newer model. Here are seven common vacuum problems you can often fix yourself.

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If you could cut 9 years off your home loan term, would you?

By refinancing at a reduced interest rate, you could pay off your home loan years earlier than expected.


How to create a stunning flower wall

Love the look of a floral wall hanging? Here's how create a flower wall at home.


Vacuum cleaner mistakes and how to avoid them

Avoiding these common vacuuming mistakes can help ensure your vacuum serves you well for years to come.


'Proactive' insurer makes your home safer and rewards you for it

Insurance company using technology to eliminate 50 per cent of avoidable accidents that happen in your home and then rewarding you for keeping your home safer.

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Seven tips to perfect your home

Angela Scanlon, presenter of Your Home Made Perfect, reveals the secrets of a happy house.


Keep your home safe from thieves

Here are some simple tips to help protect your home and family from unwanted intruders.


Make your property more appealing to buyers

Selling your house? Here are seven ways to make your property more appealing to buyers.

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Is clutter really so bad, and what if you don't want a minimalist home?

Minimalism and simplicity have been woven into our homes, but what if we like having stuff around us?


Home decorating tips from stylish Instagram accounts

Now's the perfect time to give your home a makeover. Follow our simple DIY tips to spruce up your living space.


How to make your home snug this winter

Tips and tricks to keep you warm and reduce your energy bill this winter.


Expert predictions for high-tech homes of the future

From home-help drones to mood-changing exteriors, here are nine predictions from experts about future homes.

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