Assess the family home for pension, says expert

The family home is under threat, with a leading superannuation expert saying it should be part of the Age Pension assets test.


A quarter of retirees want homes included in asset test

Almost a quarter of YourLifeChoices members say the family home should be part of the Age Pension asset test and 30 per cent believe houses worth at least $1 million should counted.


Australian mortgage debt hits $1 trillion

The latest mortgage figures tell a dark tale of Australian homeowners being among the world's most indebted with more than $1 trillion in borrowings.

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How to give your home a facelift on a budget

Giving your home a budget makeover is about being resourceful and creative. Here are three ways to give your place a facelift without breaking the bank.


Post-Christmas cleanse: declutter your home for the New Year

Did you receive new gifts that could replace older items around your house? Are you ready to declutter your life and clear the way for a new year? These decluttering tips may help.


ABS data: asset-rich older Australian in poverty

Figures released last week by the Australian Bureau of Statistics confirms that asset-rich but income-poor is a common story for many older Australians.


Retirement village opportunity

An exciting new opportunity has emerged for existing home owners over 55 years of age to enter this six unit retirement village on excellent terms in a great location. This as new two bedroom unit in Bentleigh is about to become available at an ingoing price of just $420,000 with no stamp duty.

One of the boys

One of the unspoken rules about being a woman in a man’s world is...

Safety Online

Telstra bungle exposes private information of 60,000 customers

Just when you thought your information was safe with large companies, a database of 60,000 Telstra bundle customers has been available for anyone to view and download for an undisclosed time frame. Drew explains how this could happen and how Telstra was found out. n


What can be insured?

These days you can insure against giving birth to twins or having to cancel a wedding but, for those who have gone past these life stages, which insurance is most appropriate?


Cold beer, warm nights

Using an impressive combination of skill and local ingenuity, this young man from Darwin is making beer from his shed in a true micro-brewery method. Article from ManSpace Magazine.

Mortgage & home Loans

Reverse Mortgage Calculator

A reverse mortgage allows you to borrow money secured against your home, without having to pay back either the amount you borrowed or the interest due until you leave your home or die. Instead, your debt and interest builds up (or compounds) over time.

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