Your Health

Who to blame for dodgy treatment?

Patients might not be getting the best advice about which treatments do or don’t work, according to a new study.


Makes you think

A short stay in hospital gave the ever-watchful Peter Leith pause for thought.

Aged Care

Plan to prevent unnecessary stays

A new program could prevent stressful, often unnecessary, hospital admissions and enable patients to be cared for in place.


When hospital makes you sicker

One in 10 patients are infected in hospital, and not always with what you think.

Health news

Punish doctors who overcharge?

Australia’s chief medical officer wants to punish doctors who charge unnecessarily high fees.

Health Insurance

Bupa’s policy ‘detrimental’

The nation’s biggest private health insurer, Bupa, has partially caved in to criticism from the Commonwealth Ombudsman that it scrap hospital policies dubbed detrimental to 720,000 of its members.

Health news

Aussies lead vanity stakes

With 500,000 cosmetic procedures in the past year, from botox to boob jobs, Australia has officially overtaken America as the country with the most cosmetic surgery operations per capita.


Ever felt powerless in hospital?

Hostage Bargaining Syndrome is a phenomenon where patients behave as if negotiating for their health from a position of fear and confusion.


Private patients reap public benefits

Private health insurance funding of public hospital stays has grown twice as fast as admissions to private facilities, a new Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report reveals.


Health insurance boons identified

An exclusive document obtained by YourLifeChoices on health insurance reforms reveals which measures will be a boon for low-income, older Australians.


New Medicare package announced

In an effort to claw back the “savage” cuts to health care by the Abbott government, Health Minister Sussan Ley has announced health care reforms aimed at at reducing pressure on the public health system.

Mental Health

Mental health system under review

Health Minister Sussan Ley has announced that there will be a full overhaul of the mental health system after a new review by the National Mental Health Commission.

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