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Government assistance failing older Australians

More older Aussies are experiencing rent stress as assistance payment fails to keep pace with rising living costs, say welfare groups.


Empty nesters are staying put, putting younger homeowners out

Should boomers be blamed for Australia's rising property prices? Experts have their say on empty nesters staying put, what prevents them from leaving and how it affects everyone else.


Aussie suburbs designed to make us physically and mentally ill

The way our suburbs are designed are making us ill, contributing to physical and mental illness, poor sleep, high blood pressure, suicide and even premature death.


Most affordable and liveable suburbs – and best buys – revealed

A new report reveals the most affordable suburbs for liveability, as well as where you can find the best buys and the boom suburbs.


What you need to consider when buying a recently renovated property

A buyer's agent is seeing an alarming trend of buyers choosing to skip building reports in the current market, which could lead to costly repairs down the track.

Retirement Affordability Index

Shift the focus from a legacy to a better retirement

Dr Deborah Ralston, a member of the federal government's Retirement Income Review panel, explains how retirees can enjoy a more comfortable and confident lifestyle.

Retirement Affordability Index

Should you consider a reverse mortgage or equity release?

Retired actuary John De Ravin explains two key financial strategies that can help homeowning pre-retirees and retirees boost their retirement income.

Retirement Affordability Index

New downsizer change explained so you can boost your super

An important tweak to the downsizer contribution was announced in the 2021 Federal Budget. We explain the change and the scheme.

Retirement Affordability Index

Increasing your Age Pension entitlements by renovating the family home

Challenger's chairman of retirement income, Jeremy Cooper, explains how home improvements can boost your government entitlements.

Retirement Affordability Index

Should retirees be forced to 'eat the house'?

Australia Institute senior economist Matt Grudnoff explains the evolving conversation around whether the home should be part of the assets test for the Age Pension.

Living in retirement

Why you should stay in your home - or hometown - in retirement

And while there's a reason for the cliché, you may be better off eschewing this idyllic vision for something a little closer to home. There's a lot to be said for staying put.

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Warm your house this winter with cheap tricks and canny heater choice

Simple, cheap tricks are as important as choosing the right heater when it comes to keeping your warm inexpensively.

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