Legal & General

Do I help my mum rewrite her will?

Connie is the executor of her mother’s will and has asked YourLifeChoices’ estate planning expert Rod Cunich for guidance.

Mortgage & home Loans

Boomers spending kids’ inheritance

Baby boomers are spending about $1 billion of their children’s inheritance every year by gradually cashing in the equity in their homes, says new report.

Age Pension

How to make the most of a windfall

What should you do with an inheritance? Should you spend it on your mortgage? A car? How about a holiday? Will your inheritance affect your Age Pension? How does Centrelink assess a lump sum?

Age Pension

How will inheritance affect pension?

Andrée is expecting a big inheritance and wants to know what happens if she pays off her mortgage.

Finance News

New law to fight elder abuse

A decision to establish minimum standards for powers of attorney described as a major step forward in fighting financial elder abuse.

Disability Support Pension

How does inheritance affect DSP?

Jewel expects to receive an inheritance soon and wants to know how her DSP will be affected.

Age Pension

Will inheritance affect pension?

Owen has a number of questions relating to a recent inheritance.


Can disrespectful son be blocked?

A mother wants to remove her disrespectful son from her will. Estate planning specialist Rod Cunich explains the repercussions of such actions, as well as how to get around them.


Calls to change inheritance laws

Australia is one of only seven OECD countries without any inheritance, estate or gift taxes.


Banks’ fresh push on elder abuse

Australian Banking Association lobbies Federal Government to establish a new financial elder abuse service.

Banking & Investment

Pros and cons of life estate plan

Glenda is seeking information about leaving a house to a child for the term of his/her natural life and wants to know the potential problems. Estate planning lawyer Rod Cunich says proceed with caution.


Should new property be jointly owned?

Bryan and his wife want to buy a new property using some of her inheritance. But should this property be jointly owned or in his wife’s name alone? Bryan asks Noel Whittaker for advice.

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