Seniors Finance

Car rego renewal tops the list of dates we’re most likely to forget

New research from app GetReminded shows what dates we're most likely to forget and at what cost.


Ex-smoker? You could be missing out on cheaper life insurance

Quitting smoking can cut your life insurance premiums by hundreds of dollars. Here’s how to get cheaper cover if you’ve cut out cigarettes.

Health Insurance

Stick or twist: Should you cancel your health cover?

Ditching your health cover might leave you high and dry when you need it most.

Funeral costs

Why funeral cover could end up ripping you off

Is funeral insurance something you really need? Find out why we think life insurance is the better, cheaper and smarter decision.

Health Insurance

Should my partner and I take out a couples or singles policy?

Is it cheaper to buy two singles health insurance policies, or club together and get cover as a couple? Here’s what you need to ask.

Health news

Health report card delivers mixed results as wait time crisis continues

The Consumer Report Card issued by Consumers Health Forum finds Australia faring reasonably well, but emergency departments are again in crisis.


Podcast: Want to save some household expenses? Join the club

John Deeks speaks with Rich McPharlin from Compare Club about the benefits of joining the ‘club’

Health Insurance

Six reasons your health fund won’t give you a better deal

If you’re waiting for your health insurer to tell you that there are better deals out there you could be waiting a while. Find out how your loyalty is likely costing you.


The surprising cost of ambulance call-outs

Ambulance fees vary in every state and territory. Here's a breakdown.


Insurers raise premiums despite car use declining during lockdowns

Survey gives the inside story on car insurance and how too many Australians are not asking this key question.

Health Insurance

Is April’s health cover premium rise really ‘the lowest in 20 years’?

It's difficult to compare funds and policies, but you must ask these questions before 1 April.

Health Insurance

Health insurance premiums are going up again. Here’s how you can save

Do you feel like the cost of your health insurance is always going up? You’re not wrong. Premiums are about to rise again by an average of 2.74%, even though most funds only put up their costs as recently as October 2020.

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