Celebrating quitters: Give up smoking and save on your life cover

Quitting smoking can cut your life insurance premiums by hundreds of dollars. Here’s how to get cheaper cover if you’ve cut out cigarettes.

Health Insurance

Here’s how you can beat the double health insurance premium hike

Health insurance premiums went up in October 2020 and they’ll likely go up again in April 2021. Here’s how to beat the rising costs without compromising on cover.


CHOICE tips to take charge of 2021

CHOICE experts share the top five things you can do to start the year right and set yourself up for success.


What does home insurance cover?

Home insurance covers the cost of repairing or replacing your house when something goes wrong.

Seniors Travel Insurance

Which pre-existing conditions do I have to declare?

Sam is confused by what constitutes a pre-existing condition for her travel insurance.


Beware the 'junk' life insurance hidden in your super

Do you have ineffective insurance hiding in your super that could cause stress at a time of need? Why waste money on insurance that won't protect you from the unexpected?


The postcodes with Australia's least affordable insurance

Households in up to 12 per cent of Australian postcodes may face pressure meeting annual home insurance premiums, according to new research.

Health Insurance

Older Aussies with health insurance are being hit by rising gap fees

Gap fees have risen again and it’s older Australians who are getting the worst of it. To avoid being hit in the hip pocket, here’s how you can take action now.

Health Insurance

Got gold health cover? You could be paying too much

Australians who have gold or silver plus hospital cover may be overpaying for items they’ll never use. Here’s how to avoid overpaying.


Why your income could be at risk if you’re underinsured

Personal finances can be overwhelming, but it’s time to make smarter decisions. Here’s why you should consider the benefits of income protection insurance.

Banking & Investment

Around 368,000 eligible to join class action against big four bank

Federal Court to notify those eligible to join consumer credit class action.

Retirement Income

Australians urged to check their super funds for ‘severe’ fee increases

All Australians are being urged to take a closer look at their super balances, as huge increases in insurance premiums will come into effect by the end of the year.

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