Health Insurance

Six reasons your health fund won’t give you a better deal

If you’re waiting for your health insurer to tell you that there are better deals out there you could be waiting a while. Find out how your loyalty is likely costing you.


Ambulance costs around Australia

Ambulance fees vary in every state and territory. Here's a breakdown.


Insurers raise premiums despite car use declining during lockdowns

Survey gives the inside story on car insurance and how too many Australians are not asking this key question.

Health Insurance

Is April's health cover premium rise really 'the lowest in 20 years'?

It's difficult to compare funds and policies, but you must ask these questions before 1 April.

Health Insurance

Your health insurance is about to go up. Again.

Do you feel like the cost of your health insurance is always going up? You’re not wrong. Premiums are about to rise again by an average of 2.74%, even though most funds only put up their costs as recently as October 2020.


Private health rebate levels are dropping, what does that mean?

Not only will private health premiums go up in April, rebates will go down.


Do life insurance payouts affect the Age Pension?

Geoff’s death policy pays out to his children, not his wife. How does this affect the pension? Q. GeoffMy wife and I both have death…

Health Insurance

10 ways to get cheaper health insurance in 2021

Are you looking for simple and affordable private health insurance in 2021? Do you want peace of mind for your own health or just want…


What are the cheapest cars to insure in 2021?

All manner of things can impact your car insurance, from your driving history to your age, but a big factor is the kind of car you drive.


Five smart moves for empty nesters

The absence of adult children can mean big savings for the household. Decluttering, selling an additional family car and rethinking your insurance policies can help you find the thousands hidden in your home.


Celebrating quitters: Give up smoking and save on your life cover

Quitting smoking can cut your life insurance premiums by hundreds of dollars. Here’s how to get cheaper cover if you’ve cut out cigarettes.

Health Insurance

Here’s how you can beat the double health insurance premium hike

Health insurance premiums went up in October 2020 and they’ll likely go up again in April 2021. Here’s how to beat the rising costs without compromising on cover.

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