Finance News

The challenge for retirees

Falling interest rates are scaring Australians, with confidence falling to a four-year low and many retirees struggling to generate an income from their nest eggs.

Banking & Investment

How negative rates could cost you

Australian banks could charge for deposits and pay customers to borrow money for the first time in history, as the Reserve Bank contemplates its next move to stimulate the economy.

Finance News

How low will the cash rate go?

The Reserve Bank has kept the official cash rate on hold, but experts are still predicting further cuts once the RBA determines the economic impact of recent moves.

Deeming rates for Age Pension

Government needs to step up

Labor analysis reveals that pensioners stand to gain thousands of dollars each year should the Government step up and reduce deeming rates.


$1080 tax refund on its way

Low and middle-income earners could pocket their $1080 tax refund as early as next week, if the legislation is approved by the Senate this week.


How rate cut will affect retirees

The Reserve Bank is set to cut official interest rates, which is bad news for millions of retirees with an emergency stash in the bank.


Retirees’ cash being chipped away

The continued stagnation of official interest rates is presenting a real dilemma for retirees with savings.

Mortgage & home Loans

How to cope when rates rise

If you’re one of the thousands of households that will face the pain of repayment stress, how does Noel Whittaker suggest you cope with managing your mortgage when rates rise again?

Banking & Investment

How banks rip you off

Studies have shown that loyalty for life to one of the major four banks is burning an $80,000 hole in your pocket. That is close to what a luxury car costs.

Banking & Investment

Long wait for term deposit boost

Short-term deposit holders could be waiting a long time for banks to pay higher interest rates on their savings thanks to the climbing Aussie dollar, a leading economist told YourLifeChoices.


Good news for homeowners

Low interest rates and population growth will lead to a slow growth in housing prices, rather than a drop or a crash according to economists from investment bank UBS.


PM takes credit for interest rate cut

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is claiming credit for an ANZ credit card interest rate cut as evidence that his standing committee on economics is working.

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