How to futureproof your retirement income

The falling cash rate has put a scare through many an investor. But savvy investors have ways to futureproof retirement income by investing defensively. So, how do you do it?

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The problem with driverless cars – and investing

If an investor went to 10 different financial advisers, it’s likely he or she would end up with 10 different investment portfolios. Graham Hand explains why it is so.


Warning for retirees about playing this game

What makes teachers, electricians or doctors believe they can start trading shares successfully when they retire, most with little or no training? Cuffelinks editor Graham Hand explores the dangers.

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Identify investment opportunities

YourLifeChoices subscribers are invited to attend the AIA National Investors Conference.


How responsible is your super? Is your fund in the top 13?

The Responsible Investment Association of Australia has released its list of the 13 most ethical superannuation funds. Does yours make the list?

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Find out if you are owed a tax refund

Retirees on a zero marginal rate are not expected to pay tax on dividends and are thus entitled to a refund of any paid on their behalf by a company.

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Picking your timing when playing the share market

The stock market functions to deliver or strip value from shares precisely because many traders cannot get their deal timing right.

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Old-hat set-and-forget investing may leave you poorer

In the same sense that there is no such thing as a low-maintenance garden, so too, guaranteed returns from set-and-forget investing can be elusive, says Vanguard Australia strategist Robin Bowerman.

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Top 10 stocks to boost your retirement savings

The volatility of the stock market means that most opt for safe shares. But Marcus Padley has a better suggestion... n n

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Retirement ramifications of Donald Trump's victory

In the wake of the failure of the polls and pundits to predict a Trump victory, share markets around the world took a massive dive. We asked leading commentator Marcus Padley how Australian retirees might view this shock result. n n


Finance apps 101: Investing for (total) beginners

After struggling to learn about the share market the hard way, Rachel decided to give herself a break and try an investing app instead. But does the Acorns app really work?

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Retirement: learn how to make more of your investments

No matter how savvy you think you are when it comes to investing, gaining knowledge from some of the best in the business may help you to improve your strategy and returns.

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