When granny flat deals go bad: legal pitfalls for older Aussies

An ageing population and concerns about the quality of aged care in Australia are tipped to lead to more family care arrangements.

Legal & General

Estate planning: is your will in need of a review?

As with many Australians, Jack made his will several years ago and now that his children are adults, he asks legal expert Rod Cunich if he needs to make a new one.


NAB faces class action over superannuation ‘rip-off’

Law firm Maurice Blackburn has launched a class action lawsuit against the National Australia Bank for allegedly delaying the move of $6.3 billion in super to low-fee accounts.


ATO issues warning over illegal super scheme

The Australian Taxation Office is warning Australians of scheme promoters that promise to allow you to withdraw your superannuation early, and illegally.

Legal & General

How do you choose a suitable power of attorney?

Estate planning expert Rod Cunich answers your questions about power of attorney powers.

Centrelink – Services Australia

Class action could deliver justice for Centrelink victims

The announcement by Gordon Legal of a class action to compensate victims of the government’s so-called robo-debt scheme is groundbreaking.


Another super fund in strife

Superannuation fund facing class action over payments to financial advisers.


Watchdog sinks teeth into unlawful claims by big brands

Many YourLifeChoices members describe their retirement as a utopian existence. But some respondents to our 2018 Retirement Matters Survey say finances are crippling their lives.


Overwhelming number of members support assisted dying

Assisted dying legislation has been given a resounding tick by an overwhelming majority of YourLifeChoices members in our weekly poll.

Estate planning & wills

What you need to know when sorting your affairs

Fred asks estate planning lawyer Rod Cunich for advice on the full range of documents required when ‘tidying’ one’s affairs.

Cruising Tips

Which laws apply on a cruise ship in international waters?

Cruise ships are a place for relaxation, but what happens when things go awry, and who is in charge of enforcing the law?

Legal & General

Rod Cunich’s Inbox: How do you complete a health-care directive?

Jim doesn’t want to be hooked up to machines should he ever have an accident or fall terminally ill. Estate planning expert Rod Cunich explains what he needs to do.

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