Seven simple rules for lending money to family

If you find yourself in the position of being asked to lend a friend or family member some money, then here are the seven rules of thumb to follow to help keep your relationships positive.

Age Pension

How does Centrelink assess a lump-sum loan repayment?

What happens when you borrow money, then lend it to one of your children and they can’t pay it back? Then what happens after you’ve covered their repayments and they pay you back? How does Centrelink assess this? Noel Whittaker has the answer.

Age Pension

How to avoid the pitfalls of downsizing and keep your pension

John has bought a new home as the first step in downsizing and wants to know if his bridging loan will affect his Age Pension payments.

Credit Cards

One in three Aussies stressed by their finances: research

One third (31 per cent) of Aussies confess poor financial management, such as using cash advances on credit cards, not knowing how to budget, not paying attention to debt, and racking up late fees on credit facilities are contributing to their personal debt situation.

Banking & Investment

Older Aussies increasingly relying on ‘payday loans’

The number of stressed older Australians taking out ‘payday loans’ to enable them to get through to the next pension payment is six times higher than it was 10 years ago, research reveals.

Mortgage & home Loans

How can I help my child get into the property market?

With the ever-increasing price of property, younger people are finding it harder and harder to break into the market. Your financial support can make a big difference, and there are a number of ways you can help make their dreams a reality.


Mum and Dad’s payback: recovering loans to children

Tough personal loan criteria, mounting university debt and soaring housing prices mean that the ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’ is doing a roaring trade.

Finance News

Consumer groups want government action over payday loans

Consumer groups have united to try and force the Government to take action against companies preying on the vulnerable with consumer leases and payday loans.


Money: is refinancing your debt the answer?

Refinancing or consolidating your debt in the New Year is often appealing but is it always the best way to get your finances in order? These five steps will help you to evaluate.


Senate inquiry calls for a fairer credit card system

Australians caught in a ‘credit card trap’ could soon experience some relief, as a Senate committee calls on the Government to focus on responsible lending and end credit card price gouging.