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I'm likely to live how long?

The truth about longevity when we look beyond the averages.


Which sleep position will help you live longest?

We all know that sleep is integral to a long life, but the position in which you sleep can either do wonders or damage your health. So, which position will help you live longest?

Health news

Women live longer than men, but there’s a downside

Yes, women live longer than men. But they also report more illness. And, yes, the overall life expectancy of Australians is still rising, but there…

Health news

Supplement that can reduce mortality? Study authors excited

Researchers find joint pain supplement has a welcome benefit.

Retirement Planning

How to estimate longevity to keep your retirement plans ‘real’

How far your retirement funds need to stretch depends on how long you are likely to live. John De Ravin tells how you can best work that out.

Health news

Aussies living longer but in poorer health

An Australian born today is expected to live six years longer than an Australian born 30 years ago, but it isn’t all good news.

Losing Weight

Mediterranean diet improves health more than weight loss

Research concludes that a Mediterranean diet is more important for longevity than whether a person is overweight or obese.

Health & Ageing

Over-70s are fitter and healthier than previous generations: study

People between the ages of 75 and 80 are fitter and healthier than their counterparts 30 years ago, according to a new study.

Retirement Planning

Retirement confidence: It’s about more than the money

With increasing numbers of Australians heading into retirement, those working in the sector must find more compelling ways to engage and assist this group.


If you’re 50 and working, your days may be numbered

A Lancet study of healthy working life expectancy in England finds that, on average, people can expect to be healthy and in work for only nine-and-a-half years after the age of 50.


Plan to boost retirement income by 30% and make funding last longer

Government urged to force super funds to offer compulsory longevity risk management to boost retirement income by up to 30 per cent and make it last longer.


The three pillars of wellbeing that can increase longevity

So many of the choices we make that can improve our mental and physical wellbeing in the present are actually things that will improve our longevity.

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