Have you ever wondered why luggage goes missing?

For every 1000 global passengers travelling by air, almost six pieces of luggage were misplaced, according to authorities.


Clever packing grid gives you control over your luggage contents

It’s always the way: having to pull out half your baggage contents to find your passport. Well, thanks to this clever packing gadget, unmanageable luggage clutter will be history.


Packing tricks for simpler travel

Make packing your suitcase for your next holiday a breeze. These travel packing tricks will have you packing lighter and smarter.


How to pack your overnight bag

Going on a short sortie somewhere? Lucky you! Here’s how to make sure your packing is as simple and straightforward as your trip.


Two smart tags that will ensure your luggage is never lost

If you’re lucky, you’ve never had the experience of losing luggage. More often than not, missing baggage is eventually found, but these smart tags will help ensure your luggage is never lost.


The carry-on that won’t crush your clothes

With carry-on luggage constantly evolving, it takes a lot to stand out from the crowd. Read on to see what makes the SkyRoll Spinner unlike any other carry-on around.


The best ski and sports travel bag

Anyone who’s ever travelled with skiing, sports or even photography gear knows the struggle is real. Meet the travel bags technologically designed to make adventure travel easy.


Busted for smuggling lover out of jail in a suitcase

Love won’t always set you free, as this prisoner found out when his girlfriend was arrested for trying to smuggle him out of prison in a pink suitcase.


Frequent flyer: what’s in the bag?

There is a definite art to correctly packing and managing your carry-on luggage. Here we take a sneak peek into one of our frequent flyers hand luggage to see what’s in her bag.


Foldable luggage: four of the best

We need to talk about foldable luggage. Not only is it a thing, it is one of the critical items you musn’t leave home without. Read on to find out why it’s the new spare pair of underwear…


Best daypacks for travelling

It can be challenging to find the right travelling companion, and we’re not just talking about the living and breathing version. Here are four of the best daypacks for your travel needs.

Travel News

The best toiletry bags for travel

Not all toiletry bags were created equal. To avoid opening your suitcase to shampoo coated clothing here are some of the better ones with which to travel.

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