Centrelink – Services Australia

Centrelink plans to reduce wait times

Service Australia is trialling new optical character recognition (OCR) technology that, if successful, will greatly reduce application, assessment and payment wait times.


How telehealth can keep you safe

The coronavirus telehealth arrangements are vital for both doctors and older Australians – and they're bulk-billed


Health insurance in ‘death spiral’

The head of a major health insurer wants the Government to abolish Medicare, but a Grattan Institute report says the private health insurance industry is in a death spiral.

Centrelink News

Medicare data used in debt recovery?

The Government is now using your Medicare data in a bid to uncover ‘discrepancies’ between Centrelink claims and medical records.

Federal Election 2019

ALP’s dental plan for older Aussies

Labor leader Bill Shorten has pledged $2.4 billion towards dental care for age pensioners and anyone holding a Commonwealth Seniors Health Care Card.

Federal Election 2019

Free blood tests on the table

Labor reignites the ‘blood feud’ that began with its Mediscare campaign, by promising bulk-billing incentives that include free blood tests for older Australians and cancer patients.


Medicare rebate freeze explained

Labor leader Bill Shorten promises to end freeze within 50 days if elected.

Federal Budget 2019

Improved access to medicines

More medicines will be more affordable, and Australians will benefit from improved access to health services.

Federal Budget 2019

Medicare to benefit

If older Australians are looking for where they will benefit most from a budget surplus, health is where they may find it.

Health news

How important is Denticare to you?

Calls for a universal dental care scheme have strengthened, but is it an election issue for you? Tell us what you think in our Friday Flash Poll.


Is it time for universal dental care?

Australia should introduce a Medicare-style universal insurance scheme for primary dental care, according to a new Grattan Institute report.


Major parties unite on heart checks

The Liberal and Labor parties have announced their support for comprehensive heart health checks to be financed by Medicare.

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