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Researchers aim to enhance self-produced painkillers

A new study identifies a way to enhance self-produced painkillers in mice, offering hope that human beings might be able to activate the body's pain-killing capacity without using addictive opioids.

Health news

Cardiac Research Institute finds heart healing link to zebrafish

The zebrafish has 70 per cent of its genes in common with humans, and it can completely "regenerate and repair damaged heart muscles".


Monoclonal antibodies useful for fight against COVID variants

A monoclonal antibody 'cocktail' could prove a game changer for COVID-19 prevention after a trial found it reduced the risk of coronavirus transmission by 81 per cent.


Key to helping the immune system respond best to a COVID jab

Exercise can help boost the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccinations and reduce the risk of side-effects, researchers say.

Health news

Best treatment for bedtime performance anxiety

The therapy experts say this is safer and more effective for treating insomnia than medications.


Is it okay to take out-of-date medication?

Out-of-date medicines and pills can probably be found lingering at the back of cabinets and drawers in many households. But can medication that’s passed its…


Blood pressure medication helps even the frailest seniors live longer

Taking prescription blood pressure medication helped all elderly patients live longer, large study finds.


Why is my poo green?

It’s happened to many of us at some point in our lives: we finish our bowel movement, look down in the bowl and have a moment of panic when we see an unusual colour.


New principles for medication management for older people

Researchers from Monash University have led an international collaboration in the development of consensus principles for medication management in frail older people.


Foods and medications that don’t mix

Food can affect how medication gets absorbed into the body and how fast it is metabolised. These interactions can render a prescription ineffective, or increase the risk of dangerous side effects.


If you’re ageing and taking medications, you should know this

More and more older Australians are pushing the boundaries in their alcohol consumption and failing to understand the impact on medications, research shows.


Study finds probiotics are not safe for everyone

Some patients may be put at serious risk by the bacteria in probiotics, according to a new study that links blood poisoning to active ingredients in the supplement.

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