The reasons your hair may be falling out

Many people believe that hair loss is largely hereditary and, while this can be the case, there are many other causes – and solutions.

Pain Management

Why painkillers are being used for emotional relief

More people are using strong medications to get through the day – despite the risk of overdoses and addiction.


Bleeding risk confirmed for older aspirin users

A new study has found that prolonged daily aspirin use increases the risk of gastrointestinal bleeding by at least 60 per cent in people aged 70 and over.


The cost to your health – and to the economy – of overprescribing

Too many older Australians are taking multiple medications that can result in falls, confusion, hospitalisation and even death, study finds.

Health news

What your liver is trying to tell you

Prescription medicines and herbal remedies may be just as toxic to your liver as alcohol abuse. Luckily, there are tell-tale signs to indicate this vital organ is struggling.


Keep taking blood pressure meds during pandemic: professor

The Heart Foundation is urging Australians not to stop taking medication for the treatment of high blood pressure.

Health news

Paracetamol responsible for a massive spike in poisonings

The most common call to Australian poisons centres in the past 10 years related to an everyday pain reliever that most of us have taken without thinking twice – paracetamol.


Taking too many medications increases risk of side effects

Almost one million Australians aged 70 and over take five or more medications daily, placing them at increased risk of unwanted side effects, more frequent hospital admissions, and falls.


Opioid abuse and antibiotic misuse identified as critical threats

Opioid deaths are now more common that fatalities caused by illegal drugs, and antibiotic misuse has now been identified as a critical threat to public health.

Health news

Low-dose aspirin medicine doing older Australians harm

Older people taking daily low-dose aspirin to avoid heart attack or stroke or even to prolong life may be doing themselves harm, says new study.

Finance News

Cheaper medication

The cost of 50 new and updated medications and technologies to treat cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and a range of other diseases will now be subsidised under the PBS.


Handy drug apps

Does it ever feel like the pile of pills you pop each day just keeps getting bigger? It can be tricky to remember when and how to take them all (and sometimes whether you’ve already taken them!) These handy apps will ensure your medication regime stays on track.

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