What are meditation walks and why should we be doing them?

Taking a meditation walk can help clear brain fog if you are finding it hard to concentrate, writes Liz Connor.


Are you guilty of doomscrolling? Here's how to stop

An expert shares her tips on how to process the news in a healthier way, and how to know when to take a break.

Mental Health

What is agoraphobia and how is it treated?

This complex panic disorder often results in avoiding certain situations - or not leaving the house at all. Liz Connor finds out more.


When hoarding becomes a health problem and how to talk about it

Hoarding is a recognised mental health condition and should be treated as such - without the stigma associated with high-profile cases seen in the media, a UNSW clinical psychologist says.


How to be kinder to yourself in difficult times

Feeling like a failure right now? We speak to psychologists about how to practise self-compassion in the crisis.


Is it wrong to make a film about the Port Arthur massacre?

A trauma expert gives his perspective and says a key focus must be on how the film is made.

Living in retirement

Noel Whittaker's checklist to help you start the New Year right

A contented retirement doesn't just happen, you need to set goals and have this talk with … yourself.

Mental Health

Are outdated ideals of masculinity holding men back?

Most Australians recognise that traditional gender stereotypes are limiting and harmful for boys and men, a new national survey has found.


Pets, touch and COVID-19: Why our furry friends are lifesavers

New research from the University of South Australia shows just how crucial our pets have been in 2020, particularly to people denied human-to-human contact due to lockdowns and social isolation.


Psychiatrist tells how to cope with extra family time at Christmas

Psychiatrist Pablo Vandenabeele tells us how to keep our mental health in tip-top shape as we prepare for family time.

Health & Ageing

How to create a healthier you, boost your memory and reduce stress

Mindfulness and high-performance coach Melo Calarco explains the simplest of techniques to boost your wellbeing.

Mental Health

Why crying over sad films can make us feel better

Psychologists explain how watching sad movies can have a cathartic effect when we're feeling down.

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