Mental Health

Feel alone in your eco-anxiety? Don’t – it’s remarkably common

Feeling anxious about the ecological crises we face is entirely understandable. Eco-anxiety is a rational psychological response, given the enormity of the threats.


The psychology behind enjoying sad songs

As Adele releases a new single, Easy On Me, we look at why listening to sad music can make us feel better.


Why do we seek out dystopian entertainment?

Isn't the world dystopian enough right now? Ella Walker looks at the psychology behind our desire for dystopian entertainment.

Grief and Loss

How grieving suffers if you can't go to a funeral

Counsellor Fiona Caine tells a grieving woman that it's never too late to seek bereavement support.

Mental Health

How focusing on the positives can help your mental health

Experts explain how to incorporate gratitude practices in your daily life.

Mental Health

Ask a counsellor: 'My mother is terrified of being left alone'

Counsellor Fiona Caine offers guidance on supporting an elderly relative after a fall.

Health news

How the moon affects your sleeping patterns

New research shows that the phases of the moon may have a surprising effect on your sleeping patterns.


Return to COVID-normal not so simple for older Aussies

Lockdown effects are having a bigger impact than many care to consider and returning to COVID-normal may not be a simple prospect for older people.


At home with your dog? Three ways to connect and lift your spirits

Pet ownership has skyrocketed since COVID hit. Walking is great, but here are other ways to boost your – and your pet's – wellbeing.


Lockdown lows hit all-time high

Almost two-thirds of Australians believe that their life has become worse during the pandemic and more than half are feeling more negative about the future.

Health & Ageing

How Australia could reduce dementia by 40 per cent

Doing the recommended amount of physical activity could lower the incidence of dementia by 18 per cent, researchers say.

Health news

Negative thinking can shorten your lifespan, study finds

Researchers find that people who are strongly pessimistic are at greater risk of dying earlier than those who are more positive.

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