Farmers Fund milk will give back to the farmers

The Victorian farm lobby has joined forces with Coles to produce a new brand of milk that will return to farmers forty cents from every two-litre bottle sold.


Aussie shoppers angry over branded milk shortages in major supermarkets

Coles and Woolworths supermarkets are facing the ire of shoppers who have been unable to buy branded milk in order to support Australian dairy farmers.

Healthy Recipes

Bedtime coconut drink

Some people find that having something warm in their stomach before bed can help to promote sleep. Try this bedtime coconut drink to keep your dreams sweet.

Dairy farmers fight back

Last Friday Jane Burney, the wife of a fifth generation Oxley Island dairy farmer, posted a comment on the Coles Facebook page. She was angry after watching a Coles ad on television, in which the supermarket chain claimed to support Australian farmers, and decided to let Coles know exactly what she thought of their ‘support’.

Supermarket shoppers beware

I like to think that I’m a savvy shopper, understanding the damage buying overseas products can do to framers and food producers in this country. But as with most people, sometimes I’m in too much of a rush to read the fine print on each and every piece of packaging.