Age Pension

Services and rebates that can save you hundreds

Last year, I put together a retiree checklist. In 2021, there are some additions. This is a long list and not everything will apply to…


Ambulance costs around Australia

Ambulance fees vary in every state and territory. Here's a breakdown.

Finance News

How much you can save on electricity in your home state

Electricity prices have fallen almost 9 per cent since the middle of last year and there is $900 million in potential savings for households in eastern and southern states.

Travel & Motoring

Consider this when deciding on a roadside assist deal

Take advantage of new car warranty roadside assistance or stay with the automobile club?

Finance News

Get set to tighten your belt with series of price hikes forecast

Labour shortages, supply problems, floods and increased demand are creating a perfect storm for consumers told to prepare for widespread price hikes.


Understanding the true cost of retirement

The Australian government spends billions on boosting retirement incomes. The two biggest costs, the Age Pension and superannuation tax concessions, are expected to total $95…

Finance News

Should solar owners pay to supply the grid, or are there other options

The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) last week announced that Australians could soon be charged for exporting solar to the grid to help cope with electricity "traffic jams".


Authorities warn of dangers as parents become major lenders

The Bank of Mum and Dad has become the ninth biggest lender in Australia, leading to calls for care when gifting between generations.

Superannuation News

Most exhaust their super years before they die, says ASFA

Peak super body disputes government finding that retirees hoard their assets rather than cash them in to fund a better retirement.


You think you have enough? Here's why you're probably wrong

The retirement system in Australia is one of the best in the world and, at the same time, not very simple.


Insurers raise premiums despite car use declining during lockdowns

Survey gives the inside story on car insurance and how too many Australians are not asking this key question.


End of rental moratorium and pandemic assistance hits Australia's poor

Renters hit by the end of bans on evictions and rental increases as JobSeeker and JobSeeker payments expire.

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