Health Insurance

Here’s how you can beat the double health insurance premium hike

Health insurance premiums went up in October 2020 and they’ll likely go up again in April 2021. Here’s how to beat the rising costs without compromising on cover.

Superannuation News

How did your super fund perform in 2020?

Super delivered a positive return for the 2020 calendar year, a testament to funds' resilience.

Banking & Investment

Banking recommendations fall victim to credit-fuelled COVID recovery

Fewer than half of the recommendations made by commissioner Kenneth Hayne have been implemented two years after the delivery of his final report.

Finance News

RBA reveals why retirees have to bear the brunt of low interest rates

Internal Reserve Bank document shows house prices could climb 30 per cent in three years.


CHOICE tips to take charge of 2021

CHOICE experts share the top five things you can do to start the year right and set yourself up for success.

Finance News

The top five things this leading economist thinks will happen in 2021

Chris Richardson, from Deloitte Access Economics, is upbeat about 2021 — so much so, his business outlook for the year is: "We got this."


Explained: When you can access your superannuation

The first retirement milestone you will reach is the age that you can start to access your super.


Affordable items that could save your life in an emergency situation

These products are handy, versatile, inexpensive, and can get you out of some serious jams when you least expect them to.


Is moving to the country right for you?

The idea of moving to the country has gained momentum through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Centrelink News

Centrelink's coronavirus debt recovery pause set to end

Centrelink debt recovery program will recommence in February following a pause as part of the federal government's coronavirus response.

Retirement Income

Australians with $1m in super less worried about retirement funding

Research from Fidelity International shows that two-thirds of pre-retirees are worried about being able to fund their retirement.

Federal Government

Tax cuts doing their bit to ease the pandemic strain

The federal government's tax cuts and low income concessions have put around $7 billion into the pockets of nearly 8 million Australians in the past six months.

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