New fund tops superannuation satisfaction rankings

With most super funds providing record returns last financial year, it is hardly surprising that satisfaction is through the roof.

Federal Government

Warnings as Labor agrees to lock in government’s ‘Budget booby trap’

Labor has announced it will support the government's tax cuts for high income earners.


Seven biggest mistakes people make when selling a house

Ready to sell your home? There are seven common mistakes most people make when selling property and our experts tell you how to avoid them.


Treasury claims that Australians aren’t spending their super rubbished

Industry figures take Treasury to task over report that says most retirees aren't spending their superannuation.

Banking & Investment

What is an ETF and why should they be part of your retirement plan?

When you're getting started on your exchange traded funds (ETF) journey, there can be a lot of information to process, which can sometimes be overwhelming. Let's get you started.


How to prevent your car looking prematurely old

A car with well-maintained paintwork will always look younger than one with chips and scratches. But how do you protect that precious and vulnerable finish?


Make dog ownership more affordable

Why is it so expensive to have a dog, and what, if anything, can help keep costs down?

Mental Health

Do you suffer from athazagoraphobia?

Do you fear being forgotten or ignored? You're not alone.

Health Insurance

Bill shock undermining the sector, say health funds

Private health insurance body calls on government to regulate split billing to restore confidence.


Explained: How to dispute an Age Pension decision

Centrelink bases decisions about Age Pension payments on a variety of factors, but it is possible to dispute their assumptions.


The top 10 performing super funds of 2020-21 revealed

Last financial year was massive for super funds, with even the worst performers recording double digit returns.


Experts call for end to generous super tax concessions

In the 2019 financial year, 27 of Australia's biggest self-managed super funds held more than $100 million each in concessionally taxed savings.

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