Can businesses legally refuse to accept cash?

And can they insist on accepting only cash? Paul Versteege explains the rules.


How a panel of economists sees the year ahead

A panel of economists gives its predictions for the coming financial year.

Age Pension

Age Pension is taxable – do you need to lodge a return?

It’s tax time again, and some retirees who receive a pension are wondering if they need to lodge a tax return. This is what you should know.

Retirement Planning

Financial confidence a COVID victim, research shows

Alarming number of older Australians need to improve their financial capability and literacy before they reach retirement, says study.


Podcast: Don’t set and forget life insurance

Lisa Varker is a financial adviser who has recently joined Compare Club to offer a new free service – financial advice for insurance and income protection.


One in five super fund options expected to fail performance test

The federal government’s superannuation performance test results are expected soon and analysis from SuperRatings suggests 20 per cent of fund options tested will fail.


How Australia can reduce its energy use

In an energy crisis, saving every watt counts. Here are some steps Australia can take to reduce demand on our overstretched electricity grid.

Finance News

Is Australia headed for a recession?

The Australian economy has faced extreme pressures over the past two years, so is a recession coming? Here's what you can do to protect your retirement.


A guide to unusual deductions the tax office will approve

Unusual tax deductions from pets to clown suits that the ATO will approve and why.


Super losing value in the stock market crash - but don't panic yet

The recent stock market plunge has sent super balances plummeting. But experts say it's not to worry just yet.


How to retrofit your home to save energy (and money)

A few upgrades to your home could save you thousands on your energy bills each year. Here's what you need to consider.


How to claim tax deductions for personal super contributions

Do you make personal super contributions from your post-tax income? You may be eligible to claim a deduction at tax time.

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