Top 10 travel films

Do you agree that these are the best travel movies of all time?


Outfits that must be in Madonna’s film

The pop superstar will share her ‘incredible journey’ in a forthcoming film. We hope there are some sequins strewn in too.


Free tickets to see Military Wives

Our friends at Transmission Films invite you to an advance preview screening of Military Wives at a cinema near you!


Classic Christmas movies

This year I’ve taken a little help from the team, asking the office for their personal favourite Chrissie movies.

Win tickets to see Danger Close

Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan is a nail biting and dramatic exploration of war illustrating heroism, tragedy and the sacrifice of battle.


Best free online movies and TV

At a time when paid entertainment streaming services are all the rage, finding free, legal ways to enjoy a movie or television show online can be a task. Unless you know where to go, of course.


Five classic Christmas movies

Get some friends together put on a Christmas movie and treat yourselves to some popcorn. Here’s five of our favourite Christmas movies to get you in the mood.


Crystal ball-gazing for the Oscars

YourLifeChoices puts its reputation on the line to predict the key Oscar winners.


Actors and their audition stories

Some actors are so desperate to impress during auditions that they end up taking things a little too far.


Win tickets to The Secret Scripture

With a stellar cast including Eric Bana, Vanessa Redgrave and Rooney Mara, The Secret Scripture is a compelling tale of love and life in troubled times.


Top five fun concession card discounts

Seniors can access a wide range of entertainment activities at more generous discounts than those offered to others. It’s never been cheaper to have fun, be amused, inspired or even scared witless.


Top five Jerry Lewis movies

Jerry Lewis was a major Hollywood money-making machine between the 1940s and 1960s, churning out hit after hit, but to Ben his movies meant much more than that.

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