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Ten trees that defy nature

From growing out of buildings to surviving the harshest conditions on the planet, here are 10 trees that defy nature.


Artist uses leaves, sticks and rocks to create art

The magic of nature is revealed in this series of photos of natural artworks by Scottish sculptor Andy Goldsworthy, who uses leaves, sticks and rocks to create stunning scenes.

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$65 tour of Wineglass Bay

Visit the picturesque Wineglass Bay.


Get out and enjoy nature

Go on, get out there and enjoy nature. What could possibly go wrong?


The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour was a trip through Europe, often following a specific route, which was undertaken by upper-class young European men. A Grand Tour could last from three months to several years, and was designed to educate the upcoming aristocracy in antiquities, artworks, music, local culture, geography and the nature of man.