The best NBN plans

Leading consumer advocacy group CHOICE has compared the best top-performing NBN plans across the network to see if they live up to their self-proclaimed maximum speeds.


COVID-19 is hurting the internet

As COVID-19 and associated self-isolation measures transform the world, new data from Monash University reveals internet infrastructure is being put under significant pressure as rolling lockdowns begin to bite.


Top five scams costing you

For a scam-free festive season, make sure you stay alert for these callers.

National Broadband Network

NBN affordability under scrutiny

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission will consider whether Australians are able to access basic broadband plans at fair and affordable prices.


The scam catching older Aussies

Australians are losing more money to NBN scams, with reported losses in 2019 already higher than the total of last year’s losses.


NBN affordability a growing issue

The cost of basic NBN plans is becoming an affordability issue for people on lower incomes.


Scammers pose as NBN employees

Don’t hand over your financial information to the NBN. They won’t ever ask for it. And be alert if an ‘official’ seeks a gift card payment.

Aged Care

Technology to keep you independent

Smart home technology, new gadgets and the NBN can all help to create a safer environment for those still at home. Feros Care’s Jennene Buckley highlights some of the options.


NBN customers set to gain rebates

In a major win for dissatisfied national broadband customers, the consumer watchdog will force NBN Co to offer rebates or alternative services when it fails to meet internet speed promises.


NBN cop forces telcos to behave

Telcos could be slapped with fines of up to $10 million if they let down customers migrating to the NBN under rules the communications watchdog released this week.

National Broadband Network

Spike in high-speed NBN users

Residential broadband customers continue to shift to higher-speed NBN plans, with more than one third of all NBN services now on 50Mbps plans, according to the ACCC.


Telco fined $1.5m for NBN deception

The Federal Court will force Optus to repay $1.5m for misleading customers during their transition to the NBN.

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