What's the oldest thing in your kitchen?

Our Facebook group members share the oldest things in their kitchens, many of which are still used today.


Pondering love letter etiquette

Have you kept love letters from a former beau? Should you have?


Things people who grew up in the '70s will remember

Take a trip down memory lane. How many of these things from the 1970s do you remember?


Reflection: Schooling now and then

Retired teacher Dianne Motton reflects on how the education system has changed over the years.


Things you only know if you grew up loving the cinema

Here are seven things you'll only get if you loved going to the cinema as a kid.


The best fad exercise classes from the `80s and `90s

We’ve found some of the most popular exercises from decades ago, and even discovered how you can do them today.


Old-school tech: good riddance or sadly missed?

Old technology is often romanticised, but how many of these old-school tech items would you actually want to bring back?


The community hall – the hub of every town

In every small town, the hall – basic but indispensible – is an essential feature.


Why are we all so obsessed with nostalgia?

In times of loneliness or reflection, we often look back on old photos, but why? Prudence Wade speaks to a psychologist to find out the pros and cons of diving into nostalgia.

Cakes & Baking

Ten of the best classic desserts that deserve a comeback

From bananas and custard to bread and butter pudding, here are 10 classic desserts that taste just like the good ol’ days.


Steve Perkin reflects on returning holidays

Have you ever been somewhere, 30 or 40 years after you first went there, and found it had changed? Steve Perkin revisits some of his old favourites and wonders whether it is he who has changed or the destination.


What was it like in the golden age of flying?

This video from Weird History pokes holes in the notion that this truly was the golden era for airlines, as it examines some of the more undesirable elements of air flight in the ‘Elvis era’.

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