‘Skinny gene’ offers hope to those battling the bulge

Scientists have isolated a gene that appears to help keep skinny people slim, potentially providing new treatments for obesity.

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Obesity rate depends on where you live: report

Regional New South Wales is home to the highest obesity rates in Australia according to the Australian Health Tracker by Area report released on Thursday.


Breakthrough diabetes drug has researchers excited

An international study, led by Monash University, has uncovered a drug that could treat obesity, diabetes and loss of muscle mass.


New study discovers the reason why we gain weight as we age

Many people struggle to keep their weight in check as they get older. Now we know why.

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Study discovers that ‘yoyo dieting’ could be good for you

Repeatedly losing and regaining weight may lead to improved insulin levels and lower body fat percentages.


What you weigh in your 60s affects the speed your brain ages

Having a bigger waistline and a high body mass index in your 60s may be linked with greater signs of brain ageing years later.

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Research finds growth in life expectancy in Australia slowing

After 20 years of rapid increases in life expectancy at birth, the rate of growth in Australia is now falling behind most other high-income nations.


Six times more flu cases than in worst season of 2017

Health authorities say that last month was the worst on record for confirmed cases of influenza – six times higher than the deadliest month on record, April 2017.


The top ‘prize’ that Australian men don’t want

Australian men have the highest rate of cancer of the 24 countries in the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development, according to an analysis.


Midlife weight gain: what’s really going on

Our friends at Jean Hailes explain what's really going on in midlife weight gain, when and why you need to pay attention to it and what you can do to minimise or manage it.

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Only one in four obese people believe they have a weight problem

Australia’s obesity problem is so bad that people don’t even know they’re overweight. According to new research, only one in four obese people believe they have a weight problem.

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The most harmful health issues of the future

Australian health professionals have identified the most harmful health issues of the future and the top two may, or may not, surprise you.

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