Government pledges $15 million to protect older Australians

The Turnbull Government has made a $15 million election pledge to protect the rights of older Australians and safeguard them from elder abuse.


Grattan Institute commentary an attack on older Australians

Everything is the fault of older Australians. They are greedy, rich, and ruining life for millennials. Yep, here we go again.

Health news

Women at higher risk of Alzheimer’s

Women have a higher risk than men of developing Alzheimer’s disease, making up two-thirds of Alzheimer’s suffers. So scientists are trying to understand why.


How older Australians can refinance their mortgage

Don’t believe the myth that older borrowers can’t refinance their home loan. Under the right circumstances they can.


Older Australians are deserting the Coalition

Older Australians are deserting Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in droves, with the Coalition losing 10 per cent in support among voters aged 50 and over since the last election.

Banking & Investment

Older Australians switching to banking online

While older Australians may be reluctant to actually switch banks, a growing number are happy to make the move to online banking, shunning the traditional visit to a branch.

Living in retirement

What needs to be done to stop age discrimination?

Having spent five years as Age Discrimination Commissioner, Susan Ryan is across the issues that older Australians are facing. But is the landscape really as bad as we believe? Or are we blind to a lot of what actually goes on?


Is your medicine cabinet as safe as you believe?

Older Australians are facing an unprecedented overdose crisis. According to a new report, the number of middle-aged men who have died from accidental drug overdoses has skyrocketed.


Sector spotlight: Health

The 60+ market in developed countries is forecast to grow by a third by 2030, from 164 million to 222 million, according to a recent report by global management consultants McKinsey. This group is expected to generate 51% of urban growth ($4.4 trillion) in developed countries in this period, due to their growth in numbers and their higher per capita consumption than any other demographic group.

Federal Election 2016

Election 2016: Older voters hold the power

Who will decide the outcome of the Federal Election? According to the Australian Electoral Commission, older Australians will make up the largest proportion of voters. But does this mean anything?

Health Checks

Lapsed vaccinations putting older Australians’ health at risk

At least one in four Australians aged 60 and over are not having the recommended vaccinations for their age, putting their health at risk and increasing their chance of dying from preventable illness.


Too much sleep and too little exercise leads to premature death

A new study released by the Sax Institute has found that sleeping more than nine hours a night and not getting enough exercise during the day could be leading you to an early grave.

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