Age Pension

New Age Pension reporting rule

Australians over 80 who live overseas will soon have to produce a ‘proof of life certificate’ to continue receiving the Age Pension.


Top foods to be wary of overseas

Trying new foods is a wonderful part of any overseas trip. So, to help you avoid spending your holiday running for the bathroom, here’s a handy guide to the foods you should approach with caution.

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Can Liv get a pension overseas?

Liv worked all her life in Australia, but retired overseas three years ago. Will she have to return to claim her Age Pension and for how long?


Retiring overseas: will it work?

The lure of a relaxed retirement lifestyle overseas is enticing – as is a more affordable life. YourLifeChoices investigates the pros and cons – and the answer may surprise.

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Can travel delay Age Pension?

Johan and his wife would like to know how the 10-year residency rule is applied when assessing Age Pension eligibility. Will their previous travel delay their qualification?

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Does tutoring work affect pension?

Lynn is seeking to clarify her partner’s Age Pension entitlement now that he is working in South Africa.


Handy jet lag calculator

Reduce the effects of jet lag on your next overseas trip by using a special calculator to receive your free sleep-schedule action plan.

Living in retirement

Where to retire for good health

If you are seriously considering moving overseas to ease your maladies, there are many factors to consider in addition to chasing down the right temperature.


Forgotten world wonders

Of all the world wonders, there have been some magnificent creations that can quite often miss the cut.

Claiming your pension overseas

Will I lose my Age Pension?

Albert is keen to head back to Australia to see his grandchildren but has been told that he will lose his Age Pension if he then returns overseas. Surely this can't be fair?

Claiming your pension overseas

Clarification of pensions overseas

Suri is confused about the current rules that surround how long you can be outside of Australia before your Age Pension is affected. The detail below should help to clarify.


Pensioners left in legislation limbo

With only four days left before Parliament rises, all eyes may be on the Government’s ABCC bill, but what about the legislation that could affect 81,000 pensioners?

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