Baggage handlers behaving badly

This footage of baggage handlers behaving badly will make you think twice about packing valuables and breakables in your bag on your next flight.


Surprising carry-on luggage rules

Ever thought twice about packing a certain item in your carry-on luggage, because you’re not sure it will make it past airport security?

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Budget South America tours

Are you seeking an authentic travelling experience? Then an overland tour may be for you – and On The Go tours is now offering nine budget South American overland tours for the more intrepid traveller.


Carry-on luggage and personal items

Pauline wants to know exactly how much luggage she can take on board her next flight.


Virgin cutting baggage allowance

Virgin Australia has reduced the baggage allowance for its Velocity frequent flyers on flights to Los Angeles.


Amazing Vacuum Travel Kit

Don't run out of room in your suitcases any longer! Vacuum seal your clothes and give yourself 70 per cent more space in your suitcase on your next holiday.


Travel packing essentials

Many a seasoned traveller will tell you that there’s a trick to travelling light. But it’s no David Copperfield take-seven-years-to-master trick. It’s really quite easy to learn. All you need to do is follow these pro-packing tips.


A definitive guide to travel packing

Packing for travel can be a challenge at the best of times. What should you take? How much room will you need in your suitcase or bag? We answer those questions with our definitive guide.


Five things ‘flighties’ never forget

They travel for a living, so we trust that flight attendants know all of the must-have items for jet setters.


How to holiday without luggage

Is it possible to skip the hassle of dragging all your worldly possessions with you on holiday?


How to do washing while you travel

The idea of doing laundry while on holiday is not terribly appealing to most travellers, but a few simple travel laundry tricks can save you the bother of lugging your dirty washing around with you – and may even help you pare down on your packing.


Ten things you should never pack

It’s easy to overpack, but just as easy to travel light, especially when you follow these tips for the top ten things you should never pack when you travel.

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