Health news

Best treatment for lower back pain

New research has found that exercise is the best way to prevent lower back pain – and that education alone, shoe insoles, back-support belts and other devices may not actually work.


Pain relief beyond the pill bottle

When you’re in pain – whether it’s a dull ache or sharper sensation – nothing else seems to matter. But rather than reaching for the drugs, what can you do to ease your pain naturally?


The importance of core strength

Developing core strength is not all about six-pack abs, it’s vital for your body’s ability to support and move your spine and for preventing recurrent episodes of lower back pain.


How to heal foot pain

Are your feet giving you grief? Don’t stand by and bear the pain any longer – today we look at some common foot ailments and how to relieve them.


Euthanasia back in the spotlight

A lively debate on the ABC’s Q&A last night has once again pushed the subject of voluntary assisted dying into the spotlight.

Health News

Caffeine keeps you strong

Never feel guilty about a cup of coffee again. New research shows that caffeine boosts power in older muscles, improves memory, reduces muscle pain and could cure baldness.

Alternative Therapies

Arthritis relief just a click away

Australia’s four million arthritis sufferers will be pleased to know that pain relief is just a click away with the launch of a new website, Living With Arthritis.

Pain Management

A pain in the gut

Dietitian Geraldine Georgiou explains how introducing fibre into your diet can help maintain a healthy and regular lifestyle.

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