New COVID pill cuts hospitalisations and deaths in half

COVID drug could cut the number of hospitalisations and deaths in half, says manufacturer Merck.


Lockdown lows hit all-time high

Almost two-thirds of Australians believe that their life has become worse during the pandemic and more than half are feeling more negative about the future.


Have we turned our homes into COVID breeding grounds?

In our quest to design energy-efficient houses, experts say we may have inadvertently turned our homes into COVID traps.

Health news

Is your health insurer passing on pandemic savings to you?

Australian health insurers paid out $500 million less in hospital and extras benefits over 2019–20. So why are our premiums higher than ever?

Money Q&A

Lessons from our parents that never went out of fashion

Financial lessons from older Australians are more relevant than ever during the pandemic, with simple, back-to-basics advice at a premium.


Two new drugs could turn the COVID tide

Scientists believe the drugs will bolster the effectiveness of existing vaccines and will be able to slow, and eventually stop, the spread of the virus.


Portable carbon monoxide monitors can show a venue's COVID risk

Experts have called for the introduction of mandatory carbon monoxide monitoring as a way of tracking the risk of outbreaks.


Virtual contact for older people during lockdowns worse than none at all: study

Older people report that virtual contact during lockdowns is worse than no contact at all.


Aussies driving less could be paying too much for car insurance

Australians could be missing out on big savings on their car insurance by not reviewing the number of kilometres they're driving during the pandemic.


Sardines for breakfast, hypothermia: The post-pandemic 1920 Olympics

They were to have been a celebration of peace and renewal, but for the athletes, the Antwerp Olympics were a testing time.


Expert warns of new national COVID wave

Australia's COVID outbreaks are at a 'critical point' and we could be facing a 'new national wave', says leading epidemiologist.


Could green tea help to combat COVID?

Swansea University researchers are investigating how humble green tea could yield a drug capable of combating the coronavirus.

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