Could green tea help to combat COVID?

Swansea University researchers are investigating how humble green tea could yield a drug capable of combating the coronavirus.

Health news

Have you put your life in safe hands?

On World Elder Abuse Day, Australia's long-standing age discrimination commissioner Dr Kay Patterson tells why we must ensure we have this protection mechanism in place.


The COVID problem experts say must be accepted – and corrected

In the open air, the virus is diluted and dispersed, but inside tiny particles can linger, spread and build up to dangerous levels, experts warn.


Blueprint for when the next coronavirus strikes – and in which year

Something similar to COVID will happen again, says Professor Carl Kirkpatrick, and he even estimates when.


Government, agencies warn of black market COVID vaccine offers

Parliament opens an inquiry into vaccine fraud as rollout issues create perfect environment for black marketers.


New vaccine set to join rollout, but not for over-50s

Government announces order for 25 million doses of the Moderna jab as vaccination target dates continue to blow out.

Technology News

Pandemic technology boosts trust in government

The Trust Imperative 2 report finds that using pandemic technologies has boosted public trust in government.


Monoclonal antibodies useful for fight against COVID variants

A monoclonal antibody 'cocktail' could prove a game changer for COVID-19 prevention after a trial found it reduced the risk of coronavirus transmission by 81 per cent.


Study finds dogs can detect COVID-19 with 96 per cent accuracy

Specially trained detection dogs can sniff out COVID-19-positive samples with 96 per cent accuracy, says a proof-of-concept investigation from the University of Pennsylvania.


Key to helping the immune system respond best to a COVID jab

Exercise can help boost the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccinations and reduce the risk of side-effects, researchers say.

Health news

When a ‘deep clean’ is ordered, what actually happens?

It's unclear how many cases of COVID-19 are acquired through surface transmission, but a careful cleaning of surfaces is important. Here's how that happens.


What people who have received AstraZeneca say about the side-effects

Half of those who receive the vaccine will experience side-effects, say officials. These recipients describe the impact.

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