Cheaper medicines for 500,000 Australians

New PBS listings set to save some patients more than $100,000.

Health news

New, convenient diabetic medicine to be subsidised

In good news for more than 118,000 Australians adults with both types 1 and 2 diabetes, the Government has agreed to subsidise a drug to make treatment more convenient.

Federal Budget 2017

Budget 2017: Better access to bulk billing and PBS

The freeze on the indexation of the Medicare Benefits Scheme will gradually cease from 1 July 2017, making bulk billing more accessible to patients.

Federal Budget

Medicine prices to fall in Budget 2017–18 changes

Despite being as effective and cheaper than brand-name counterparts, only six out of 10 Australians opt for generic medicine, but Budget changes are expected to result in an increased uptake.


PBS: why have I been asked to pay more for my medicine?

Bill is confused by the extra charge he has been required to pay on his regular prescription medicine. Debbie explains why the surcharge has been applied.


PSB changes – pay less for common medicines

More than 400 medicines have dropped in price and could save you in the region of $20 each time you pick up your prescription from the pharmacy.


PBS changes could be costly

As of 1 January, pharmacists have the option to charge up to $1 less for prescriptions. But even if passed on, you could end up paying more for common medicines.


Pathology cuts to fund cure for Hepatitis C

Living in a world where cures for all health conditions can be affordably accessed is the dream of many, but when it comes at a cost to other sick people, is the trade-off simply too great?


Drug policy may save $300 million

A scheme that could save the government $300 million on PBS costs would also encourage drug companies to invest in research into innovative drugs.


PBS medicine prices to be slashed

Health Minister Sussan Ley is expected to introduce legislation today that will see customers pay up to 50 per cent less for many common medicines on the PBS.


Health measures

A raft of health measures have been announced in order to ensure the sustainability of the health care system and aged care.


Life-saving cancer drug available

A life-saving cancer drug that has shown to be effective for advanced melanoma has now been approved for use in Australia.

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