Centrelink News

How selling and downsizing affect your Age Pension

If you're a retiree, there might come a time when you decide to sell your home.

Seniors Finance

Is Australia a nation of freeloaders?

Research finds no basis to many of the claims used to justify introducing austerity measures in Australia.


What do you have to tell Centrelink about your shares?

Bernadette is interested in her reporting responsibility for any shares she buys and sells.

Allowable Earnings

What you need to know about earning an income on the pension

You don't have to be fully retired to claim the Age Pension but the income you earn can affect how much pension you receive.


Can you claim rent assistance for a motorhome?

Sandy wants to sell up at her over-50s village and travel around Australia in a motorhome and is keen to know if she will still be eligible for rent assistance.

Age Pension

Centrelink threatens to withdraw pension of 102-year-old woman

Pensioner asked to provide proof of identity to keep receiving Age Pension.

Retirement Income

Claims Retirement Income Covenant overlooks majority of retirees

The Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees says Australians retiring on either a full or part pension deserve more consideration from the government.


Will pensioners in lockdown get a COVID payment?

Elizabeth wants to know whether pensioners in locked-down states can expect an economic support payment this year.

Age Pension

Cost-of-living rises point to bigger pension increase

A big rise in the Pensioner and Beneficiary Living Cost Index should result in a big indexation increase for pensioners in September.

Age Pension

CPI figures could see a big pension increase in September

A larger than expected increase in the latest inflation figures could spell good news for pensioners.

Age Pension

The forgotten assets that could lead to pension denial

Merlyn's uncle lives on a 120-acre farm, and while it could be included as an exempt asset there could be a problem that she hasn't thought about.

Age Pension

How to increase pension payments when you first apply

Dennis has been told to transfer his super into his wife's account to increase his pension and wants to know if it is legal.

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