Super system is failing retirees, says economist

Super provides few benefits and Australia should fix the Age Pension, says one expert.


Where you live can indicate when you’ll retire

Those in the bigger cities of Sydney and Melbourne tend to retire earlier than their counterparts in Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.


Renting your home may mean two strikes against your pension

Renting out your primary residence can have a dire result for your chances of receiving a pension.

Age Pension essentials

Will selling a share in the family home lead to a cut in the pension?

Woman worries selling a share in her primary residence may lead to a cut in the pension.

Age Pension essentials

Simple tips to maximise your eligibility for the Age Pension

Review your finances for the chance to maximise your Age Pension payments.

Income and asset tests

What assets do I need to declare when applying for the Age Pension?

What assets need to be listed when applying to Centrelink for the Age Pension.

Seniors Finance

Inflation good news for older Aussies – or is it?

Inflation delivers big pension payment increases – but is that really good news?


Date set for $250 cost-of-living payment

Want to know when the $250 cost-of-living payment will be paid? Services Australia has announced the payment date.


What real estate can and can't be used for the home equity scheme?

Marguerite wants to know if her property in a lifestyle village can be used as security for the Pension Loans Scheme.

Federal Budget

Budget slammed as an ‘incoherent mess’

YourLifeChoices commentators tell what they think of budget measures for older Australians.

Federal Budget

Social reaction: A sugar hit re-election focused Budget lacks guts

The Australian public have spoken and if you were on social media Budget night, it was a sea of negativity.

Estate planning & wills

Older Australians still fear an inheritance tax, survey finds

A survey of 5000 Australians aged over 50 has revealed the majority are concerned about the government implementing an inheritance tax.

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