Hands off super: Costello

Former Treasurer Peter Costello, has urged the government not to ‘tinker’ with the superannuation system, claiming it will have long-term detrimental effect on the economy.


Means test could save budget

A report by The Centre for Independent Studies has suggested that means-testing the family home could result in a $6000 increase to pensions and $14.5 billion in government savings.


RSL takes aim at Abbott

Veterans groups are capitalising on the ANZAC centenary commemorations to take aim at Tony Abbott for his proposed changes to index veterans’ payments.

Living in retirement

Retirement village rentals

Life in a retirement village is an attractive proposition for many Australians but the cost of buying can be restrictive. Renting is an option to consider but how do you find a suitable village?

Federal Budget

Abbott to ‘pocket your pension’

Federal Labor MPs will use the break from Parliament to lobby against cuts to the Age Pension, campaigning on behalf of pensioners with the slogan: ‘Don’t Pocket Our Pension’.


Lump sum superannuation to end

Australians entering retirement may be prevented from taking their superannuation in a lump sum and will instead have it made available to them in a self-funded ‘pension’.


Best apps for budgeting

Creating a budget is the best way to take control of your finances. And there are many budgeting and personal finance apps that can make it easy for you to do just that.


Backbenchers target pension cuts

Liberal MP Andrew Laming told Fairfax Media yesterday that a group of government backbenchers have been pushing for Prime Minister Tony Abbott to reconsider legislation changes which may reduce the pension.

Finance News

Pretend you make less and save

The recent RBA interest rate cut will see many living off of fixed incomes with a reduced rate of pay. We take a look at some ways to make up for the shortfall.

Federal Budget

Millionaire pension payments

A recent study has shown that retirees who are considered ‘asset rich’ have been receiving government handouts worth around $500 million per year.


Your Retirement Update

Whether you’re in retirement or planning to retire soon, keeping up to date with current news, legislation, pension changes and lifestyle options is important if you want to make the most of what can be the best years of your life.


Superannuation update #1 2014

The 10-year returns are impressive, but is your fund one of the best performers?

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