Age Pension payment rates

Time to address pensioners’ rental stress

Increased welfare payments during the pandemic fail to address the rental stress being experienced by age pensioners.

Centrelink – Services Australia

Centrelink overhaul lauded as payments cop fierce criticism

As the government extols the virtues of its Centrelink IT overhaul, a new report slams the adequacy of welfare payments.


Elderly singles make up 30% of those living in poverty

Thirty per cent of Australians living in poverty are elderly singles, according to the annual report of the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia.

Finance News

The older Australians who are doing it tough

One group of older Australians should be much more worried than the rest when it comes to funding their retirement, according to research.


The key to older baby boomers’ prosperity

Financial helpline counsellors say they are on track to receive a record number of calls from older Australians struggling in poverty.


Around 710,000 Aussies going without food: report

The perception that our nation is the Lucky Country does not resonate with the more than four million Aussies who have gone hungry in the past year, a report by Foodbank Australia suggests.

Age Pension

Growing political support to fix pension poverty

Australia is far from the ‘lucky country’ for the 500,000 older Australians whose main source of income is the Age Pension, but calls are growing to fix the system.


Top 10 countries to grow old in

Are you living in one of the top 10 countries in which to grow old? Sadly not, according to Age International's 2015 Global AgeWatch Index.

Age Pension

Minimum wage increase not all good news

Australia’s lowest paid workers will receive an extra $22.20* a week in their pay packet.


Housing agreement signed but ‘no’ to negative gearing

An agreement between the state and territory governments could see more investment in affordable housing but changes to negative gearing remain off the table.


Not just Newstart Allowance that’s inadequate

The number of Australians living below the poverty line is increasing and with many relying on welfare and no other means of income, the problem will only worsen.


ABS data: asset-rich older Australian in poverty

Figures released last week by the Australian Bureau of Statistics confirms that asset-rich but income-poor is a common story for many older Australians.

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