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Wasteful habits costing Aussies hundreds each year

Millions of Australians are wasting hundreds of dollars each year through wasteful energy habits, according to a new report.


The one gadget Drew couldn’t travel without

Ever since losing an SD card filled with precious memories on a trip to Dubai, this is the one gadget I simply cannot travel without.

Finance News

We are no closer to solving our energy cost crisis

The results of the YourLifeChoices Friday Flash Poll: Solving Australia’s energy cost crisis reveals that we are no closer to providing a solution to our rapidly rising energy costs.


Will you ever be able to pay it off in time to enjoy the savings?

With the cost of electricity steadily increasing, solar systems are becoming a more enticing way to power your home. But will you ever be able to pay it off in time to enjoy the savings?


Power prices decreased as of yesterday, but are still too high

Your next utilities bill may cost you slightly less, after Australian energy providers put lower rates in place as of 1 July, but the Grattan Institute says high prices are here to stay.


The retail sector you trust less than banks

Only 39 per cent of Australians trust their energy company, according to an Australian Energy Market Commission review.


Regulator says power companies fail vulnerable customers

The Australian Energy Regulator has proposed a standard hardship policy across all power providers to help those who struggle to pay electricity and gas bills.

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How do you manage your power usage?

Rather than the proverbial ‘teaching your granny to suck eggs’, we asked YourLifeChoices members to share their tips for managing power usage.


The Government unveils its new National Energy Guarantee

Malcolm Turnbull has revealed his government’s rebuttal to the Finkel Report, unveiling a new energy policy which dumps the current CET in favour of a new acronym.

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Hurry to change power companies and save hundreds

The consumer watchdog has urged Australians not to wait a moment more before shopping for a better electricity pricing deal.


Electricity prices likely to rise after power plant shutdown

Whether or not AGL is convinced to keep the Liddell power station operating after its 2022 use-by date, one thing is certain – electricity prices will continue rising.


The Finkel Report could save the planet, but how much will it cost you?

A major review of Australia’s energy sector by chief scientist Alan Finkel has been underway for some time, with the final report due for release today.

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