Interesting ways to boost your vitamin C intake

Scientists have suggested we up our vitamin C intake. Here are some interesting ways to double your dose.

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Do these four things now to avoid type 2 diabetes

Urgent action is needed to prevent type 2 diabetes. These lifestyle steps can help reduce your risk of developing the disease.


Can you still get heart disease if you are fit?

Regular exercise is key to preventing heart problems, but it's not the only thing to consider.


Could you benefit from seeing an osteopath?

After months of slouching over her desk at home, Prudence Wade pays a visit to an osteopath for help.


Struggling with IBS? You are not alone

Dr Dawn Harper from Embarrassing Bodies delves into the digestive disorder in new documentary.

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Seven shingles myths busted

Seven myths about shingles and the facts you need to protect yourself.

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Five key signs of deadly sepsis

Experts outline the five signs suggesting you need urgent medical attention for sepsis.

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How and why all men should work on their flexibility

Trainer Shona Vertue says integrating stretching into your everyday routine can make a big difference to mobility.


Will we need COVID booster jabs?

There's a lot of talk about COVID booster jabs, but what does it all mean?


Everything you need to know about Lyme disease

Although rare, Lyme disease can induce flu-like symptoms and even long-term joint problems.

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Follow these 13 rules for a healthy heart

Make sure you are doing everything to keep your heart healthy by following these practical tips for a heart healthy lifestyle.


How to break the cycle of overthinking

Psychologists explain how to recognise the cycle of overthinking and when to seek help.

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