Can you still get COVID after you have been vaccinated?

When a COVID cluster includes people who are vaccinated, we inevitably hear rumblings of complaint from people who wonder about the point of vaccination.


Upper back stretches to keep aches and stiffness at bay

Don't forget to look after your thoracic spine. Upper back mobility could help keep aches and stiffness at bay.


Surprising reasons behind gas and bloating

Excessive amounts of gas can be triggered by habits, food, and some health conditions.

Health news

New tool in the fight to stop older adults losing their teeth

Tooth loss is often accepted as a natural part of ageing, but scientists believe they may have found a way to combat the problem.


Lifestyle factors that influence bone health

How diet, physical activity and other lifestyle factors can affect your bone mass and strength.

Brain health

Six ways to slow Alzheimer’s disease

Discovering his Alzheimer's early gave Dr Daniel Gibbs an opportunity to try to slow its progress.

Health news

The plan that could make Australia the world’s healthiest country

The Australian Medical Association has outlined its vision for Australia to become the world's healthiest country.


What is osteoporosis and why does it matter? Can you reverse it?

Around 20 per cent of Australians over the age of 75 have osteoporosis. So, what is osteoporosis and why does it matter? Physiotherapist Kate Roberts explains how to prevent and manage osteoporosis.


Experts say annual COVID vaccinations will be the new normal

The federal government has messed up the first phase of the rollout, so what will happen should we need annual vaccinations, as experts are predicting?

Health news

How stress can affect your skin and what to do about it

Experts advise on how to cope if pandemic worries have affected your complexion.


Is exercise as good as medicine?

We all know exercise is good for us, but is it better than medicine? Physiotherapist Kate Roberts explains the benefits of exercise and how it can be better for us than popping pills.

Pain Management

Seven ways to manage pain without reaching for the painkillers

Drugs can be important in pain management - but they're only part of the picture.

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