AstraZeneca vaccine a case-by-case proposition for older Aussies

The Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) approved the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine for use in Australia on Tuesday, but it may not be such good news for older…

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Pre-diabetes diagnosis less useful in older adults

Study finds that older adults deemed 'pre-diabetic' seldom progress to full diabetes.


Government unconcerned by reports vaccine may be ineffective

AstraZeneca vaccine may not offer protection from mild and moderate COVID mutations.


Aussies to have proof of their coronavirus vaccination on their phone

The Federal Government has revealed further details of its COVID-19 vaccination plan, confirming Australians will be able to access proof through their mobile phones that they have received the jab.


Four things about COVID vaccines researchers still want to find out

The first mRNA vaccines approved for use in humans - the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines - are being rolled out around the world.


TGA approves Pfizer vaccine as safe in older adults, despite deaths

Australia's Therapeutic Goods Association has further investigated the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine in the wake of 30 Norwegian deaths and found that it is still safe for older adults.


Cancer symptoms you should never ignore, according to specialists

The pandemic has brought a delay in cancer screenings and referrals - but it's still vital to get warning signs checked early.


Orthopaedic surgeon tells how to lower your risk of arthritis

Lifestyle changes could help many people lower their risk of arthritis.


Vitamin D supplements don't help ward off colds and flus: research

Vitamin D supplements will not protect Australians from catching colds, flus and other respiratory infections, new research has found.


Follow these tips to preserve your eyesight

Macular degeneration causes half of all cases of legal blindness in Australia, but is it inevitable? No, say the experts, there are modifiable risk factors we can control to avoid the disease.

Health essentials

A podiatrist can sort these common foot conditions for good

Dreading exposing your feet this summer? If it's for any of the following reasons, a podiatrist will be able to help.


Older adults at increasing risk of sexually transmitted diseases

An unwillingness to talk about older people having sex leads to infection explosion.

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