Estate planning & wills

How property ownership can affect your will

Wills and estate lawyer Yajaira Appeldorff tells why it’s important to understand how property is owned when writing a will.


How does subdividing a block affect the Age Pension?

Maria is working on a plan to subdivide her parents' property and wants to know about the pension implications.


How to add a pop art twist to your garden

Garden designer John McPherson on how to give your outdoor space some pop art pizzazz.


Tips for being more sustainable at home

The furniture you buy, the paint you choose and turning lights off can all play a part. Here are eight top tips for being sustainable at home.

Retirement Affordability Index

Modifications that can help you age at home – safely

Most Australians want to age at home. Here's what you may need to modify and how it could be funded.


Would you buy garden plants off eBay?

When it comes to buying plants, eBay probably isn't the first place that comes to mind. Here's a guide to buying plants off eBay.


More than a third of public housing tenants are over 55

There are calls for changes to public housing policy and practice based on the growing number of older Australians in the system.


Dulux colour of the year 2022 is cool, calming and hopeful

The 2022 Dulux colour of the year has been announced. Here are six easy ways to introduce Bright Skies to your living spaces.


Friday Reflection: Rod Taylor's bulging city

A reader reflects on the changes he has seen in Canberra over the years.


Shrinking backyards could be making your suburb hotter

Demand for housing has led to a rise in subdivisions, and a loss of yard space and the trees they contain.


How to protect yourself from dodgy builders and defects

Building a home can be a stressful time, made more anxiety-inducing if you end up locked in a legal battle over defects.


Ageing homes responsible for a fifth of Australia's emissions

The biggest challenge to Australia achieving net zero emissions by 2050 could be a lot closer to home than you think.

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