Hidden dangers lurking in your kitchen

Consumer group CHOICE is encouraging Australians to check their kitchens for recalled appliances, warning of burns, lacerations and even risk of explosion.


Could your household clutter be valuable?

How can you spot if your home contents are valuable?


The costly mistake most property investors make

Data shows that Australian property investors often make one large and costly mistake - a great deal of them overlook depreciation, a particularly lucrative tax deduction.


Things buyers are looking for in a new home

Thinking about selling your house? Here are several home features potential buyers are coveting right now.


Can you use a private valuer to assess excess land?

Wayne is worried that extra land on his property will rule him out of receiving a part pension and wants information on how his land will be valued.

Age Pension

How early do we have to sell investments to claim the Age Pension?

Jacqui and her husband are approaching pension age and are worried they have not left enough time to sell their investment properties.


Convert your manicured lawn into a wildlife retreat

Create an environmental retreat that you and the wildlife will appreciate.


How the water and sewage under your feet could flood your home

Some flood dangers can be less visible - to planners, developers and homebuyers. Sometimes, the danger comes from groundwater beneath the surface.


Older Australians resist downsizing, preferring home to a move

Older Australians are opting to renovate or build in familiar surrounds rather than downsize.


Five mistakes to avoid when investing in property

If you are thinking about investing in real estate, one of the biggest advantages you can have is educating yourself around common mistakes to avoid.


Authorities warn of dangers as parents become major lenders

The Bank of Mum and Dad has become the ninth biggest lender in Australia, leading to calls for care when gifting between generations.


Head for the hills: Australia's most affordable regions

New report reveals the top 10 most affordable regions across the country.

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