Things to know before buying an investment property

Buying an investment property can be risky, but rewarding, so long as you do not rush the process and consider some important steps before committing.


San Francisco has banned gas in new buildings. Is Australia next?

San Francisco has now joined other US cities in banning natural gas in new homes.


Why the RBA is urging homeowners to take advantage of low interest rat

The RBA has cut the interest rate to a record low, but some banks are not passing it on to mortgage holders. Here's how to find a better deal on your home loan.


Is your dwelling a health and safety risk?

Dealing with apartment defects: a how-to guide for strata owners and buyers.


Fears reform would allow dud super funds to proliferate

Proposed change would stop people in 'bad and crap products' walking out the door, ISA argues.


Canstar reveals everyday bills, jobs are Aussies’ main worries

Australians are in ‘survival mode’ due to the coronavirus recession, Canstar research finds.

Centrelink – Services Australia

Centrelink Q&A: Can I upsize so I can claim the Age Pension?

Judy wants to sell her home and investment property to become eligible for the pension. Is this a legitimate tactic.

Retirement Income

New research gauges costs of SMSFs

Rice Warner report reveals the magic number that makes SMSFs a competitive option.

Centrelink – Services Australia

Can you use losses on rental properties to offset other income?

Mike has two investment properties and wants to know if losses on one house can offset the income from the other.

Banking & Investment

What is a granny flat interest and how can it help you?

A granny flat interest is an agreement for accommodation for life and can help transfer assets to your children without risking your pension payments.


Unlikely allies demand federal government action on social housing

The National Affordable Housing Alliance unites activists and capitalists to demand social housing be made a cornerstone of Australia’s recession rebuild.


Bringing new life to cemeteries

Australians are embracing new ways of commemorating the dead, including eco-friendly burials, raising new questions about how communities make use of traditional cemeteries.

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