Guess the country quiz

From Trondheim to Surabaya to Ashdod, do you know where these cities are? Can you identify the country from three of its lesser known cities?


Can you identify these famous palaces?

Travel quiz. From London to Tibet, how many of these famous palaces can you identify from a single snap?

Food and Recipes

How well do you know your food?

You might be a dab hand in the kitchen, but how good are you when it comes to the technicalities?

Quiz barbecue personality

Are you a supreme grill master with all the kit, or reluctantly roped into the job? Take this quiz to find out!


Can you match these events to their decades

From the first successful climb to the summit of Mt Everest to the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun, can you match these events to their decades?


Quiz: Geography meets history

How many of these 15 cities and countries can you identify by their former names?


Blame poor health on being spanked

A simple 10-question quiz about the level of neglect you suffered as a child could help predict if you will develop chronic illnesses later in life.

Health & Ageing

Is your body older than your age?

Take this quiz to see how old your body really is and how to keep it healthy.

Health news

Are you drinking too much?

That empty wine bottle on your dinner table each night might be telling you something. We discuss four major drinking habits and show you a quiz which tells you if you’re drinking too much.


Name the picture

Can you work out what each of these pictures represents? Test yourself and then share it with your friends to see how many they can get.

Health news

How much alcohol is too much?

More than one in 10 Australian women drinks too much alcohol. And the age group most at risk? Those aged 55 to 64. Take the test to find out just how much you know about safe alcohol consumption.