Hearty Healthy Vegetable Pasta

There are five serves of vegetables in this hearty, healthy pasta. It’s cheap, delicious and vegetarian, although you can add meatballs for the non-vegetarians in your life.


Crustless Spinach Pie

Even though the crust is often the best bit of a pie, our Crustless Spinach Pie is so tasty, you won't even notice it's not there.

Cakes & Baking

Chocolate Truffle Cake

Squidgy, dark and rich, this cake makes a showstopping birthday cake. It’s perfect for dessert too. As with most bakes, this cake is best eaten the day it’s made, but the sponges can be made up to two days ahead and kept in an airtight container if needed.


Comforting Cottage Pie

On those cold winter nights you can’t go past a Comforting Cottage Pie. Warm and tasty, this old favourite is also quick and easy to make.


Fajita-Stuffed Chicken

Mexican food can be delicious and healthy. Just like our Fajita-Stuffed Chicken. It’s high in protein and healthy fats, and a fun way to enjoy Mexican food at home.


One-Pan Spuds, Eggs and Spinach

The goodness of spinach, mushrooms and eggs combined with crispy potatoes makes for a delicious meal any time of day.


Chicken, Smoked Bacon and Pumpkin Risotto

Risotto is a great alternative to pasta and potatoes and Corey’s Chicken, Smoked Bacon and Pumpkin version packs a punch of flavour.


Baked Pears and Caramel Sauce

After a delicious but healthy dessert? Well, our Roasted Pears with Caramel Sauce may be the answer. In fact, it makes for the perfect for breakfast too – just add homemade muesli.


One Pot Chicken with Potatoes

Chicken and potatoes are always a winner. Add to that some capsicums, and the simplicity of one pan cooking and dinner just got a whole lot easier.


Cucumber and Pineapple Salad

Whether it’s for a BBQ, taco, burger or chilli con carne, our Cucumber and Pineapple Salad will pep up your meal with a balance of sweet, salty and spicy flavours.


Fabulous Fish Pie

This Fabulous Fish Pie is a great alternative to frying your fish and potatoes. Wholesome, healthy and hearty, it is packed full of flavour and has a delicious creamy finish.


Banana Waffles

YourLifeChoice's Banana Waffles recipe is quick and easy, and tastes great!

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