Seniors Finance

Credit report fees to be refunded

If you’ve been charged for accessing your ‘free’ credit history report, then you may be able to claim back your fee.


Are your medicines killing you?

Older Australians are facing an unprecedented overdose crisis. According to a new report, the number of middle-aged men who have died from accidental drug overdoses has skyrocketed.


ASIC’s life insurance warning

Last week, ASIC released two reports about the life insurance selling practices of car dealers which revealed marked up premiums, lower quality products and large commissions.


Life after 60 is good

According to a new AIFS report Life satisfaction across life course transitions, the most satisfying time in life is for those aged 60 and over.


Retiring at 60 a pipedream

The FSC–CBA Older Workers Report released yesterday has found that the notion of retiring at 60 is becoming unrealistic with the majority of Australians still willing to work past 60.


Means test could save budget

A report by The Centre for Independent Studies has suggested that means-testing the family home could result in a $6000 increase to pensions and $14.5 billion in government savings.


Superannuation spending concerns

Although 2013 showed the highest average superannuation returns since the GFC, there are serious concerns about baby boomers and their retirement savings. These concern related to the amount some boomers are withdrawing as well as the investment choices of those with SMSFs.


Phone scams on the rise

Margaret was recently contacted by someone claiming to be from the ATO handing out ‘Hardship Grants’. Margaret gathered as much information as she could about the caller and then hung up after identifying the call as a scam. Drew explains how to identify a scam and where to report it.

Living in poverty

This week is Anti-Poverty Week. To launch the discussion on poverty in Australia, the Australian Council of Social Services (ACOSS) has released a report which reveals 12.8 per cent (more than 2.25 million Australians) are living in poverty.

Weight Loss

Finding the key to faster fat burning

Ever wished you could melt away that unwanted fat more quickly? Fear not: hope is on the nhorizon.

Over 55s wanted again?

Yesterday the Treasurer Wayne Swan launched a report on older workers. The occasion was an Australian Human Rights Commission conference and the report was produced by Deloitte Access Economics. Titled Increasing participation among older workers: The grey army advances, the report states that a 2.4 per cent increase in GDP could be achieved by a five per cent increase in participation by over-55-year-old workers. This would equal $48 billion extra GDP over the next 12-13 years.

One of the boys

One of the unspoken rules about being a woman in a man’s world is...

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