Making it easy to buy Australian

The quest to support Aussie businesses can be confusing. Here's how to do it.


Revealed: Who cleaned up in the most popular household product awards?

Surveys of Australian households show the cleaning products you prefer, but do they really do the job?


Online thieves are targeting elderly Australians more than ever

Criminals are scamming older Australians at a higher rate than the rest of the community and the ACCC warns that this is their peak season.


Chocolate companies criticised for child slavery in supply chains

Chocolate makers are not doing enough to reduce links between their products and child labour and modern-day slavery, research finds.

Finance News

Why you must check the health of companies issuing gift cards

CHOICE warns consumers after major retailer says its cards will cover only half the purchase price.


The fashion giants guilty of ‘living wage’ shame

Oxfam report names and shames the leading retailers failing to provide a living wage for workers.

Finance News

Pandemic rises for online shopping; buy now pay later may stick

Australians have embraced online shopping during the pandemic, and many of them won’t be going back to visiting stores.

Finance News

Dissatisfied customers leave $3b in goods at the checkout because …

Dissatisfied customers leave $3b in goods at the checkout because …

Seniors Finance

End of financial year sales offer bargains for canny consumers

End of financial year sales offer bargains for well-prepared shoppers able to take advantage of retailers desperate to offload old stock before 30 June.

Finance News

Dishonest retailers slammed for dodgy was/now pricing

Australian retailers are under for fire for allegedly misleading customers about was/now pricing, with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) cracking down on dodgy price listers in the past month.

Industry Super Funds

Proposed super changes set to be costly for industry members

Federal Government proposing ‘exactly the wrong model’.

Finance News

Five ways shops make you spend

Become a savvy shopper by learning the tactics retailers use to make you spend more – and then outsmart them at their own game.

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