Retirement Planning

Finding a financial planner

Those approaching retirement are no doubt being confronted with some important financial decisions. So how do you go about finding a financial planner?

Retirement Planning

Your shortfall – your fault?

You may feel overwhelmed by the prospect of a retirement funding shortfall, but understanding why it’s happened may help you redress the balance.

Finance News

Financial pitfalls to avoid

You may think you’re financially savvy, but as NICRI’s Craig Hall explains, even the simplest money mistakes can cost you dearly. So, how do you avoid them?

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Do you have the right super fund?

A new year is not only a good time to review how your super is performing, but also to check how insurance premiums may be eroding your retirement savings.


Australians underfunded for retirement

Research by HSBC shows Australians have a 13-year shortfall in their retirement savings. Among the 15 countries surveyed, this gap is the fourth worst in the world.

Income and asset tests

Will more super affect my pension?

Lyn has been unable to accept a pay increase as it would affect both hers and her husband’s pension, but would extra super payments be assessed by Centrelink?


No financial sector untouched

David Murray has delivered his Financial Systems Inquiry recommendations and no sector of the financial services industry will remain unaffected.


A better financial planning sector

David Murray has highlighted the need for an overhaul of the financial advice sector, which may help consumers have more confidence when planning their retirement.

Deeming rates for Age Pension

Five costly money mistakes

When it comes to managing your retirement finances, mistakes can be extremely costly. We suggest five financial faux pas you should rectify as soon as possible.


Back flip could save retirement

FoFA legislation under fire as senators back flip on agreement.

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Budgeting in retirement

YOURLifeChoices no-nonsense financial planner Maurice Patane shares his advice on how to create realistic and achievable budget.

Income and asset tests

Asset reduction rates

Robert would like to know if, as well as the asset disqualification limits changing, the rate at which a pension is reduced has been altered.

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