Retirement Planning

10 things I learnt in my faux retirement

From a healthier lifestyle to a missed 'work family', a trial run proves very revealing.

Retirement Planning

How much money do you need to retire? The answer depends on one thing

Six out of 10 of us consider being able to retire comfortably a personal problem, while about nine out of 10 of us consider it a national problem.


Podcast: Personal finance expert Noel Whittaker on all things Retirement

Podcast: John Deeks speaks with personal finance guru, Noel Whittaker about his new book ‘Retirement Made Simple’ and the do’s and don’ts of retirement planning

Retirement Affordability Index

Retirement Affordability Index: Why retirees need to learn to 'eat th

Our experts explain the strategies to boost your retirement income.

Retirement Planning

Going it alone in retirement - an expert guide

A helping hand for anyone stepping into the unknown.

Retirement Planning

Economic impact of COVID: The group hit hardest

Fitted for Work, an organisation committed to women’s financial and social security, worries that systemic issues exacerbated by COVID-19 are disproportionately affecting women.

Retirement Planning

Why you should plan for ‘unretirement’ as you prepare for retirement

There’s more evidence of growth in the number of those returning to the workforce after retirement.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning essentials

The ideal retirement won't just fall into your lap the day after you leave full-time work – it needs to be researched, planned and created. The good news is that it's not all hard work.


The trends that are redefining retirement in Australia

Retirement planning is complex, but these trends, identified by the Actuaries Institute, are set to make things even harder.


Mind Your Own Retirement Episode 49

It’s episode 49 of Mind Your Own Retirement with your effervescent host and the holder of Australia’s favourite pipes, John Deeks.


Mind Your Own Retirement Episode 48

In this week's podcast, host John Deeks talks to Patrick Veyret about credit card interest rates, Cale Donovan about COVID-19 funerals and Rebecca O'Hearn about over 50's style.

Health & Ageing

The pros and cons of not having a crystal ball

‘Who would want a crystal ball?’ asks Janelle Ward. There would be too many things we wouldn’t want to know, but it would certainly help retirement planning.

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