Teaching an old dog new (savings) tricks

We're taught to save all our lives - until we retire. How to solve the spending dilemma?


What you must check when you receive your super fund statement

The key areas that will show whether your fund is the best fund for you.

Finance News

Is an inheritance tax back on the agenda?

Report finds public attitudes toward an inheritance tax appear to have softened.


Retirement has changed forever, survey finds

Retirement is no longer a definitive date on the calendar, survey finds.

Retirement Income

Annuities give retirees a ‘licence to spend’, say experts

New research reveals how choosing to buy an income annuity could give retirees a 'licence to spend' in retirement.

Living in retirement

Retirement living transition checklist for those making the change

For many Australians, the decision to move into retirement living can be difficult and fraught with emotion. Here are 10 essential tips to make the transition to retirement living simpler.


Noel Whittaker on tax cuts, super and state governments

Finance guru Noel Whittaker exposes sneaky moves in the Federal Budget and tells what you should never overlook.


Podcast: How to get a good job over 50

John Deeks and Rupert French, discuss the benefits of being an older worker and the steps to snare that dream job.


Unprecedented number of retirees facing mortgage stress: OECD report

Our household debt is second only to Switzerland, according to a new report, and soaring property prices are to blame.


Overcoming over-confidence in financial planning

One of the all-time greatest investors tells how to safeguard your retirement income in one word.


Countries with the longest retirement

After a long proud history of resistance, this country's workers can look forward to the longest of retirements.


Empty nesters are staying put, putting younger homeowners out

Should boomers be blamed for Australia's rising property prices? Experts have their say on empty nesters staying put, what prevents them from leaving and how it affects everyone else.

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