Retirement Affordability Index

Aged care expert tells why aged care is 'so expensive'

Aged care industry expert Louise Biti does the maths on costs to help you understand the reality of funding aged care.

Retirement Income

Seven tips for living well on the Age Pension

Living on the Age Pension can be tough. Here are a few simple things you can do to ensure you are making the most of your income.

Age Pension

Government says Age Pension is 'here to stay'

Most Australians don't believe the Age Pension will still be available to them when they retire. The government wants to reassure voters that it's 'here to stay'.


Your financial data could lead to tailored retirement plans: Hume

Would you share your banking, insurance, health and financial data to improve your retirement planning?

Retirement Planning

Are you retiring with more than you need?

Most people are worried about running out of money in retirement, but could this lead to you retiring with more money than you need?

Income and asset tests

Time to tap into a reverse mortgage given soaring prices?

Case study shows how to boost your lifestyle in retirement without moving out of your area.

Superannuation News

Super may not be reaching your bank, find out how to get it back

Is your employer paying you the right amount of superannuation?

Retirement Income

Federal government super fund proposal a 'slush fund', say critics

Liberal MP Andrew Bragg reignites the debate on the creation of a 'nationalised' superannuation fund.


Age Pension mistakes that will hurt your retirement

Host John Deeks speaks with YourLifeChoices publisher Leon Della Bosca about Centrelink rules and how to maximise your Age Pension.

Estate planning & wills

To leave the kids an inheritance – or not?

Will an inheritance create spoilt brats who will never feel the true pressure of working and saving?

Retirement Planning

Seven out of 10 Aussies can retire sooner than they think: expert

The key is to work backwards when planning for retirement, says industry specialist.

Centrelink News

How your superannuation affects the Age Pension

Services Australia general manager Hank Jongen explains how lump sum withdrawals affect the Age Pension.

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