Older Australians Wellbeing Index dispels myths about over-50s

The YourLifeChoices Older Australians Wellbeing Index reveals where older Australians are thriving – and hurting.


Surprising ways retirees can waste their savings

It's important to keep track of your spending when you're living on a fixed income. Here's how to keep your finances in check once you leave the workforce

Finance News

Financial equality a century away, index finds

The Financy Women's Index reports that women will have to wait until 2122 to achieve financial equality with men.

Retirement Planning

Going it alone in retirement - an expert guide

A helping hand for anyone stepping into the unknown.


Seven trends that will better integrate ageing Australians into their

Emerging housing and planning solutions will better integrate older Australians into our cities, helping to solve the ageing population problem.

Age Pension payment rates

Age Pension and supplements set to increase this month

Age Pension payment rates set to increase after September indexation abandoned due to the pandemic.

Finance News

Financial planners know they need to build trust with retirees

Australian financial advisers admit they need to build trust with clients who need advice on how to prepare their investments for retirement.


Experts say 'phenomenal' housing boom will increase inequality

The latest Australian housing boom will benefit the wealthy and disadvantage the poor, including Australians aged over 55, say economists and homelessness activists.


Multi-generational family living grows, forcing design changes

Research centre finds one in five Australians now living in a multi-generational household, and designers are up for the challenge.

Seniors Finance

Your retirement 'pay cheque'

How to ensure stability when a regular salary becomes a thing of the past.


Alarming spike in elder abuse during pandemic

Seniors rights organisations across Australia report a frightening rise in elder abuse, with the return of adult children to the home during the pandemic cited as a major factor.

Seniors Finance

How financially comfortable are Australia's retirees?

The financial comfort of Australian households has reached a record high, despite the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, with retirees faring particularly well.

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