How much is enough?

Retirement: are you spending more than you planned?

Even if you’re careful, you could find that as the cost of living rises, you funds don’t go as far as you’d planned, leaving you with a retirement income shortfall.

How much is enough?

Retirement: are you relying on an inheritance?

Almost one third of all Australians may be relying on an inheritance to pay off the mortgage and ensure their financial security in retirement. Is this you?

Retirement Income

Retirement: how income grows once you’ve retired

Starting your retirement doesn’t mean your savings stop growing – on average 60 per cent of retirement income (on average) is generated after you retire.


Retirement: how average is your lifestyle?

Overseas holidays, new cars and having the latest technology aren’t considered luxuries anymore, but are standard lifestyle expectations of the ‘average’ Australian.


Destination Canada – best travel discounts

Not everyone will relate to themselves as being seniors but if it can save money, why not embrace the term? So, to save you money, we’ve uncovered some of the best discounts on offer.

Seniors Finance

How to budget (in retirement)

Our very own Kaye Fallick dishes out some tough love in her advice on how to budget. Are you brave enough to follow her formula to save?


Superannuation: benefits for the ultra wealthy are ‘obscene’

When retired accountant Steve Elliot decided to examine the disparity between high-income earning retirees and the poor, he was shocked by what he found.


Superannuation – no escaping the share market link

Former federal treasurer Peter Costello has taken a shot at our superannuation system, suggesting governments need to focus more on where super is invested.

Finance News

Enjoy a frugal Christmas…

If you don’t have the cash to splash this Christmas or simply refuse to spend a fortune on just one day, our 10 tips for frugal festivities are fun.


Is your future being stolen?

New research released yesterday by industry super fund Cbus suggests that $44 billion could be lost to retirement savings over the next 10 years.

Legal & General

Spring clean your finances

As with all things Spring, we look forward to new life and brighter days, so why not reap the rewards of breathing some life into your finances as well?

Finance News

How to make and stick to a budget

Budgeting can help you cut expenses, pay off debt and increase your wealth. While devising a budget is a big task, it’s definitely worth the effort.

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