The top five scams you must learn to recognise

For a scam-free festive season, make sure you stay alert for these callers.


Ham scammers should be very afraid

Ham inspectors are out in force in the lead-up to Christmas to ensure manufacturers and shop owners are not telling porky pies at the register.


New Google scam targets your calendar

Scammers are becoming ever more resourceful and the latest scam targeting Google Calendar is incredibly shrewd.

Identity Theft

$478 million stolen from Australians last year

Card-not-present crime hit a new high last year with $478 million stolen from Australians accounts in 1.8 million transactions.


Fake tradies are out in force and targeting older Australians

When the weather warms up, out come the flies – and the con men. Beware the fake tradies with the super-competitive quotes.


Fake charities are on the rise, warns ACCC

In Charity Fraud Awareness Week, Scamwatch says it has received 689 complaints of fake charity scams this year that have resulted in losses of more than $320,000.


New scam claims to have recorded a video of you watching porn

A new email scam that attempts to extort $1400 from victims is making the rounds this week.

Banking & Investment

Banks warned over ATM sting targeting savings

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has told banks around the world to prepare for an “ATM cash-out” sting that could see millions stolen from savings accounts in hours.


Telstra scam threatens instant phone disconnection

Australians are being targeted by a sophisticated scam whereby scammers claim to be from Telstra and threaten to disconnect your phone services.


Scam costing Australians thousands

This clever scam is now targeting Australians on popular social networking websites.


Thieves targeting new model cars with tech gadgets

New model keyless entry cars are the latest target for a new wave of technologically advanced thieves.


Cyber criminals release 1.4 billion users’ hacked records

Account information including user names and passwords stolen in 250 separate data breaches have been aggregated by cyber criminals and stored in a searchable online database.

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